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The Adventurous Boy's Handbook: For Ages 9 to 99

Press: Skyhorse Publishing; Reprint edition (January 3, 2011)
Author Name:Brennan, Finn 编


Father and son duo Stephen and Finn Brennan know what is truly fun for boys of all ages, and The Adventurous Boy’s Handbook is filled with ideas, explanations, and instructions for games, sports, and activities any boy would love. 
From star-gazing, baseball, and camping to using Morse code, learning basic survival skills, and paddling a canoe, this handbook is invaluable for any boy! Step-by-step instructions are provided for all types of activities, including:     • Pitching a tent      • Building an ice-yacht     • Shooting a bow and arrow     • Fending off a hungry shark      • Identifying constellations while on a camping trip     • Learning sign language     • Saving someone from drowning     • And more! The Adventurous Boy’s Handbook offers countless hours of entertainment for boys interested in orienteering, cowboying, sailing, and many more fun outdoor activities.

About the Author

Stephen Brennan is the coauthor of The Adventurous Boy's Handbook and The Adventurous Girl's Handbook, and editor of The Best Pirate Stories Ever Told and The Best Sailing Stories Ever Told. 
He has worked as a circus clown, teacher, cabaret artist, actor, director, shepherd, and playwright.Finn Brennan is in grade school and his interests are fishing, rocks, and bugs.


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     The book highlights basic boy stuff -- ranging from hiking and hunting to fishing to cowboys to jokes about girls to how to ask girls out to how to be manly and everything in between.10/10 book. I loved it.

  •     Thought it would be toured towards a how to or find new things to do... Seems it is more of a story about some of this guys camping with his son or grandson.

  •     This is a bit of a throwback book. The kids found it a bit difficult to "get into". Think of it as an guide for fun on Walton's Mountain or at the Little House on the Prairie. As a father I enjoyed the topics even if they all don't apply to experiences we might have.

  •     I think little boys will love this book. It has a lot of stuff that little boys should know and hopefully reading about some of it will inspire them to get outside and test some...

  •     great book, had a lot of good info in general from knots to fires and trail signs to signal fires

  •     my step-son cannot put this book down and he uses it for scouts all the time.

  •     I have a girlie girl who also enjoys shooting, camping and the outdoors. She is twelve and shoots trap with her pink shotgun. So, gals, take a peek. This book may be a book for you too. I would hate for this book to be limited by its title. If you are a girl, the first chapter is about the author and his son and boyhood and how the book came about. She said it reminded her of her and her dad and the closeness that she has with him. She thought that chapter pertained to her too, just not the boyhood part. After that chapter, the meaty part of the book starts and it has valuable information. My daughter says that she just inserts "everybody" when the book says, "every boy". This book is a good outdoor and survival book for everyone. Enjoy.

  •     Es hat viel beschriftetAlso es war gut.Es hat auch vieles wahres gesagt und es war auch ganz witzig sachen gesagt:-)

  •     This is a very good book.I like this book because it encourages you to go outside and do active thingsI think everybody should definitely read this book

  •     Some of the topics in this book are:Making tents and shelters.Guns, bows, and crossbows.Animal tracks.Fishing, and various methods to try.Hiking, and a list of suggested gear.Map reading.Rock climbing.Swimming, sailing, and how to rescue someone.Rowing a boat.Shark attacks.Skiing and ice-yachtingBirds of various sorts.Astronomy (this section is poor)Snake bitesHow to take measurementsFossil hunting (poor)Survival basics ( quite good)Handmade weaponsSelf-defense methodsRules of BaseballBasic Sign language (quite good)Simple magic tricksTalking to girls.How to be a cowboy.The Bill of Rights.And ... a list of books every boy should read, includingTreasure Island,Prince and the Pauper,Tom Sawyer,Robin Hood, andThe Deerslayer.Free books with lots of good illustrations are currently rare for the Kindle. If you're putting together a some stories for a Kindle you're giving as a gift to a boy, this would be a fine book to add.

  •     A collection of activities for boys (or girls) of any age to explore the world around them in a prepared manner. Has illustrations for some of the activities. A good book for those who want a taste of what childhood was like back in the fifties and early sixties.

  •     I thought this book would be stories of adventures, not how-to's. (I must not have read the description enough). I look forward to testing these things out when my son gets older.

  •     I have just started reading this and I am enjoying the neck out of it. I would recommend to anyone with kids.


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