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The Peaceful Way: A Children's Guide to the Traditions of the Martial Arts

Press: Destiny Books; Original ed. edition (June 15, 2001)
Publication Date:2001-10
Author Name:Iedwab, Claudio A.; Standefer, Roxanne; Standefer, Roxanne L.


• The first book on the hows and whys of martial arts practice written especially for children.• More than four million children study some form of martial arts in North America.• Explains the respectful, nonviolent discipline fundamental to all martial arts.• Shows young readers what to expect when they study a martial art--from beginner to Black Belt. 
The Peaceful Way makes it clear that martial arts are not about fighting, rather they are about resolving conflict in life.
The key word in the practice of martial arts is respect--for teachers, others, and self.
By cultivating a positive attitude of humility, honesty, awareness, and discipline, the martial arts student gains both physical and mental focus.
In clear, simple language the authors lead young readers into the world of martial arts.
From the leaving of shoes at the door of the dojo to the mastery of black-belt skills, they emphasize that a cooperative spirit is the key to success in any martial art.
Each point is beautifully illustrated with graphics, sidebars, and anecdotes to hold the young reader's attention.
Furthermore, its glossary and references for additional exploration make it the perfect educational tool for the young martial artist and a powerful resource for librarians, parents, teachers, and martial arts educators.

About the Author

Claudio Iedwab is a 6th dan Black Belt in Gorindo, a 5th dan in Taekwondo and Jujutsu, a 3rd dan in Karate-do, and a yoga instructor. 
He was the 1982 South American Taekwondo Champion, the 1985 National Chinese Martial Arts Champion in Argentina, and has 25 years experience teaching young people.
Roxanne Standefer is a 3rd dan Black Belt in Gorindo as well as a photographer, wilderness guide, and martial arts instructor.
Together they established Gorindo, "the Friendly Martial Art," which integrates the principles and techniques of Taekwondo, Karate-do, Savate, Jujutsu, and yoga.
They are also the authors of The Secret Art of Health & Fitness and Martial Arts Mind & Body.
They live in the hills of Bancroft, Ontario.


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Comment List (Total:3)

  •     Required reading for Juniors testing for Black belt in my martial arts program. Good information for all ages.

  •     This was a good book to read with my kids who are both young martial artists. It presents some classic martial arts stories and answers good questions about why practicing martial arts is useful even if fighting is frowned upon.

  •     The Peaceful way takes a simple but detailed approach to training in the martial arts. The target reader age for this book is 8-10years old, and the style fits that range. However, parents who are new to the arts, and instructors new to teaching children wil find this informative, as it gives great insight on the best approaches to teaching youngsters.Students will read about all the do's and don'ts of the martial arts in general regardless of what style they practice.I have taught children's classes for 16years and have found few resources that are this good at getting the points across, so that a beginner can understand them.


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