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Happy with Me

Press: Tallfellow Press (April 1, 2002)


Join in the fun-filled fantasies of one little boy who just can't stop himself from becoming all the animals he reads about. 
In short order, he's a big, strong elephant, a splashing penguin, a twisted-up octopus, a snail who takes it easy, a super sniffing dog and a high-flying bird.
After a night of adventurous dreams, he decides that he's pleased to be just the way he is.
Leo Timmers' witty story and bold and colorful artwork delightfully capture what it's like to be something other than yourself...if only for a night!

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Drawing inspiration from his bedtime story, a young boy dreams about becoming each of the animals he reads about.
In typical kid fashion, he embraces the idea of becoming, for example, "An octopus! With eight long arms that wind around each other, I'd have as much fun as four kids together! And think how much faster I could get everything done!" Then for every animal he comes up with a reason it wouldn't be as much fun as he thought.
In this case, he envisions those eight long arms getting all twisted up, "and untying knots can be such a problem." Each animal is given two spreads, the first depicting the joys of being the animal, the second showing the down side.
As the title indicates, the story ends with the boy's proclaiming he is happy just being himself, "At least until tonight." Timmers uses light and shadow to achieve great depth and dimension, and the brilliant colors will attract attention from across the room.
As a follow-up, invite kids to write about or draw a picture of an animal they might like to become.
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  •     Great story, with a great message of being happy with who you are, and not being different. The pictures in this book are remarkable, and unforgetable. This book is deffinitly a must read in childrens books.

  •     Happy With Me is an fully engaging and entertaining picturebook story written by Leo Timmers and filled with his amazing, artistic and slightly post-modern color illustrations about the joys and fantasies a young boy has in his dreams. In dreams, the boy can become any creature he's read about, from a strong elephant to soaring bird to a deep-sea octopus. Happy With Me is enthusiastically recommended as a truly delightful bedtime story for kids ages 3 through 6.


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