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Tumble Bunnies


Press:Candlewick Pr Candlewick; First Edition edition (March 17, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-3
Author Name:Lasky, Kathryn/ Hafner, Marilyn (ILT)


Every child who has ever worried about organized sports will cheer Clyde's innovative solution in a lighthearted story that underscores the true meaning of sportsmanship.The Sports Spectacular is only a week away, and Clyde is worried. 
He's sure he won't get chosen for any team — not for the races, not for kickball, and not for T-ball.
Then his best friend, Rosemary, tells him she's entering the tumbling event, an option that doesn't require any teams! Soon Clyde is practicing his somersaults, hops, and a trick he made up called the twirlyburly.
But when something unexpected happens to his friend on the day of the Sports Spectacular, Clyde must find a way to help her — and still go on.
Readers who met Clyde in LUNCH BUNNIES, SCIENCE FAIR BUNNIES, and SHOW AND TELL BUNNIES will root for him again through his anxieties and his triumphs in this latest tale from Kathryn Lasky and Marylin Hafner.

About the Author

Kathryn Lasky is the acclaimed author of more than forty books for children, including VISION OF BEAUTY: THE STORY OF SARAH BREEDLOVE WALKER; and SUGARING TIME, a Newbery Honor Book. 
She says TUMBLE BUNNIES is "part of the continuing saga of the problems that loom large in the lives of first graders as they try to figure out their world."Marilyn Hafner loves Clyde and was happy to illustrate another book featuring him.
"The stories about him," she says, "have the perfect take on the real fears of children as they start to face the world away from home."


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  •     Adorable bunny characters! Main character dreads the embarrassment of not being picked for a team, which is made worse by an older brother who does great in sports. He eventually finds a unique sport he does well at for the Sports Spectacular, with his own twist.


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