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Snow Bored (Ridge Riders)

Press:Stone Arch Books Stone Arch Books (January 1, 2007)
Author Name:Lawrie, Robin/ Lawrie, Chris


The Ridge Riders are bored to tears. 
So much snow has fallen on their mountain biking practice hill that they can't practice.
The only bright spot is that they don't have to go to school.
Luckily, Dozy has a great idea.
He turns an old skateboard and a pair of sneakers into a snowboard.
Before long, everyone is snowboarding.
But when Fiona's horse takes a terrible fall on the snow, Slam needs to ride through the ice to find the veterinarian.
Will he make it, or is Fiona's horse doomed?

About the Author

Robin and Chris Lawrie wrote the Ridge Riders books together, and Robin illustrated them. 
Their inspiration for these books is their son.
They wanted to write books that he would find interesting.
Many of the Ridge Riders books are based on adventures he and his friends had while biking.
Robin and Chris live in England, and will soon be moving to a big, old house that is also home to sixty bats.


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