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Dive Right In

Press:Little Brown & Co Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; 1st edition (September 1, 2002)
Publication Date:2002-9
Author Name:Christopher, Matt


12-year-old Traci Winchell is a gifted gymnast, but lately she's been having trouble, so much trouble that her coach warns her she may need to drop out or else risk serious injury. 
Traci wants to find something to fill the void left by gymnastics, but is diving for her?


Children's Books,Sports & Outdoors,Water Sports,Growing Up & Facts of Life,Family Life,New Experiences,Friendship, Social Skills & School Life,Self-Esteem & Self-Respect

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  •     This book is about Traci Winchell, a gymnast who is having knee problems. So her gymnastics coach suggests she should switch to diving. But her diving coach is very cold and strict. Should she do it? I really liked this book and I would suggest it to anyone! Especially someone who is a diver.

  •     This book is completely idiotic an virtually unreadable. Even a quick skimming of the "books" loathsome pages will lead to multiple face palms and laughing, not with the book but at it. So why is this seemingly harmless book such a tragedy to the literate world? For starters, it's littered with countless unrealistic situations in a tale that is supposed to believable. Traci's coach, Margo, is considered to be the greatest diving coach in history, with invaluable Olympic coaching experiences and Divers worshiping at her feet. How exactly,then, is she training twelve year old divers with no experience.Secondly, Traci and her friend Valerie have conversations that would never happen. Not even in some strange alien land would twelve year olds constantly converse with each other about how they are similar in the fact they are both very ambitious. Another of the books shortfalls is the obvious lack of knowledge concerning the intended audience. No middle school-er wants to learn in detail about every single little aspect of diving. Finally, if I got a dollar for every time the book mentions that Margo "nodded stiffly", I do believe I would have the funds to purchase every copy of Dive Right In that exists.A glorious bonfire would follow. On a more positive note, the book did teach me about the highly fascinating and intriguing Chamois. .


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