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Mystery on Maui Nancy Drew 143

Press:Simon & Schuster Aladdin; Stated First Edition edition (June 1, 1998)
Publication Date:1998-6
Author Name:Keene, Carolyn


Nancy, Bess and George are on Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands, to check out a major international surfing competition. 
But there's trouble in paradise.
Big money is at stake in the contest, and someone's playing a dirty game.
One of Nancy's surfer friends has received a death threat and could end up taking a permanent dive.
So Nancy investigates.


Children's Books,Sports & Outdoors,Water Sports,Mysteries & Detectives,Action & Adventure

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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     The excitement kept me reading. I liked the different characters and that it was set in Hawaii. I was able to figure out who the bad guy was. Fans of traditional Nancy Drew will like this too. It was only 15 chapters long!

  •     Very good book!!

  •     This book not only has charme, but it gave me goosebumps not knowing what was on the next page. I have been reading Nancy Drew books for eight years and this is on my top ten list and trust me it bumped down quite a few books if you only read one Nancy Drew book read this one!!

  •     Don't be mislead by what other people have said about this book, trust me it wasn't that good. The novel was very dry and boring.

  •     Fun book to read. Love Nancy

  •     When Nancy and her Freinds Go to Maui to see a friend the freind starts recieving threats! This guy they call the snake bangs up his surfboard and kidnaps him.

  •     Mystery On Maui is a book from the wonderful Nancy Drew Series. Nancy Drew goes on vacation with her two best friends, George and Bess to Maui,Hawai to meet Nancy's pen pal,...

  •     From the minute Nancy sets foot on Maui shes got herself into another mystery. Her Friend Danny has invited her and two friends to Maui for a holiday but thats not the way it turns out. Josh one of Dannys friends is entering one of Maui's biggest surfing competions and there's a big prize to go with it!! Someones trying to get the money by playing dirty. Can Nancy find out who it is in time or will Josh have to pay the price!! This book is very exciting it keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. This review was done by Chelsea age 11

  •     This book is very good! I wouldn't expect anything less from a "Nancy Drew" book! It was very thrilling book

  •     This book has Nancy and her friends saying things that is not how they are in any of the books that I ever read before and I don't LIKE that one bit ! Makes them sound Dumb!

  •     Nancy,Bess,and George head to Maui on vaction to watch a major surfing competition with a $75,000 prize!But end up with another mystery.Nancy's friend Josh is competing in the competition and someone wants him out of the way!At any cost!

  •     When Nancy even trys not to get into another mystery, it ends up Nancy friend's friend is beinging threatned by snakes, kidapping all because of the surfboard games that are being held, and the Grand Prize is 75,000 dollars!!!!!!

  •     This was a very good book. I enjoyed it very much. The end dew me a curve ball, which I liked. Thank you


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