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Alien Investigation: Searching for the Truth About Ufos and Aliens

Press: Millbrook Press (April 1, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-1
Author Name:Halls, Kelly Milner; Spears, Rick C.;


Imagine . 
you're in the woods after dark.
Eerie green lights appear in the distance.
Then there's a sudden flash and everything is dark again.
You decide to take a closer look.
You come upon a saucer-shaped craft hovering silently just above the ground.
You reach out to touch it, but the object suddenly shoots up into the sky.
Have you just seen a UFO? Some people say they have had experiences like this.
Are they telling the truth? To find out, Kelly Milner Halls investigated stories of eyewitnesses from around the world.
She explored UFO sightings, landings, crashes, aliens, and even a few hoaxes.
She also interviewed several of the world's UFO experts.
Examine her findings and decide for yourself whether visitors from other worlds are real.

From Booklist

Halls takes a three-pronged approach to the perennially fascinating topic of UFOs, with looks at famous (and not-so-famous) incidents of sightings, landings, and alien bodies; interviews with people who are convinced they have had alien encounters; and a fictional story about aliens visiting earth (with trepidation, the way astronauts might visit Mars). 
The latter, illustrated with neon-colored, computer-generated artwork, probably could have been eliminated.
But the rest of the material—with stories of alien visits since 1947 from all parts of the world and interviews with experts and ordinary citizens—is intriguing and presented in a way sure to capture kids’ imaginations.
The organization is a bit lacking, but all the important points about UFOs are covered (including hoaxes), and the lively format, with plenty of art and graphic elements, will hold attention.
Several times, Halls invites readers to come to their own conclusions, and she provides plenty of information to let them do just that.
A glossary and source notes are appended.
Grades 5-8.
--Ilene Cooper

About the Author

Kelly Milner Halls is a full-time author with a passion for unearthing unusual facts about the creatures and the world around her. 
She loves to dig up the details by interviewing experts and discovering the most up-to-date research on her subjects.
In her research for this book, she traveled to Roswell, New Mexico, and attended a conference put on by the Mutual UFO Network.
Her previous books include Tales of the Cryptids: Mysterious Creatures That May or May Not Exist, Mysteries of the Mummy Kids, Saving the Baghdad Zoo, and In Search of Sasquatch.
Halls lives with her two daughters in Spokane, Washington.


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  •     I loved the X-Files as a kid, so this was a book I plucked from the bookstore shelf for my kids, and I've not regretted it. My boys love it.

  •     Ylleek was seriously wondering if there could be life on another planet. It would be an exciting venture to the blue planet in the distance, but they were ready to take the risk. The alien creatures would "carefully prepare and hope they [would] make it to Earth--and back home again." No doubt these green creatures with their purple eyes are fictitious beings, but then again are they? Here on Earth we've also wondered if there is life on other planets and if they are making an attempt to visit us. What do you think?According to physicist, Stanton Friedman, we need "the development of advanced technology" in order to reach the stars. Perhaps there are civilizations out there who already have this technology and have been taking a close look at life on Earth. In order to form your own opinion, you'll have to ponder the reports of people who claim to have seen everything from unusual beings to spacecrafts that have landed or crashed. Perhaps you are a doubting Thomas when it comes to believing in UFOs, but a few of the stories in this book just might sway you!The book, "starting with the first UFO report filed with the U.S. military in 1947," relates one event that happened in each decade, ending with a tale from a very frightened family who had a visitation from aliens who touched down in Monahans, Texas in 2009. One person claimed these creatures "looked very skinny like they had no meat on their bones ... their heads were large and their arms ... hung down to their knees." In this book you'll read about sightings from around the world, including a few that proved to be elaborate hoaxes. In some instances, only one or two people sighted something unusually alien, but what about the sixty-two children who panicked and screamed when they experienced a strange visitation in Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994?This is a fabulously fun look into the possibility of alien life in the universe and on Earth. Naturally, any UFO aficionado worth his or her salt knows a lot about the crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, but this book has a few odd ones I hadn't heard about. The sightings, most of which are in North America, do swing around the world in such diverse places as Hangzhou, China and Tehran, Iran. Interspersed throughout the book we are treated to interviews from a variety of people, including the scientifically oriented as well as those such as Belinda Perdew Taylor, a librarian from Kentucky. We also are treated to Yllek's fictitious story as he boards his mother ship to head to Earth. There are numerous, artist's renditions, and a map. In the back of the book is an index, a glossary, source notes, a selected bibliography, and a listing of UFO organizations and festivals.This book courtesy of the publisher.

  •     I have belived in aliens for a while now. This book shows many cases of aliens and shows why they are real, or fake, or just a possibility...complaints-->·way too expensive·since i got it on kindle should be lower price!besides that i totally reccomend this book. 5 stars for sure.PEACE OUT!!@ @ U[___]

  •     Another well researched and well written book by Kelly Milner Halls. This is a topic that has fascinated young and old alike. Are we alone? Kelly uses eye witness accounts to let us investigate that question.


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