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Louis & the Night Sky (Ox Tales)

Press: Fitzhenry & Whiteside; 1 edition (April 1, 1993)
Publication Date:1993-4
Author Name:Morgan, Nicola; Morgan, Nicola;


Louis hardly ever had trouble falling asleep. 
But this night, even though he had been cuddled and snuggled, Louis was thirsty and hot and fidgety.
Then he had a wonderful idea.
He would find a better planet to live on.
Some place where the lights would be on all night long.


This magical, mystery tour of the planets conveys the rare beauty of that blue-green marble, our home planet Earth, while providing a charming and accurate introduction to astronomy. 
- B.C.
Bookworld An excellent introduction to astronomy, exploring the qualities of each planet.
It is also an affirmation of the unique beauty and perfection of planet Earth.
- Vancouver Child Readers, young and old, will enjoy exploring the night sky with Louis in this appealing mix of fact and fantasy.
- Canadian Children's Book Centre News

About the Author

Nicola Morgan is a Fitzhenry and Whiteside author.


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  •     This book can be used in the classroom when studying about space, planets, and the solar system. Great for home reading just for fun!


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