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Press: Annick Press (September 6, 2003)
Author Name:Pearson, Deborah/ Hilb, Nora (ILT)


Learn how animals do what machines can too!    A whale can dive, and so can a submarine. 
A pony will pull, just like a tow truck.
In fact, every animal in Animachines performs an action just like that of a vehicle! Animachines creatively combines two of children's favorite topics -- animals and machines -- and compares them to demonstrate concepts like dig, crawl, squirt, and carry.
In all, ten active animals and their actions are matched with ten mighty machines.
With words that whoosh, r-r-r-reach, and G-R-R-ROWL, and softly colored pictures alive with whimsy (and some tiny friends to find on each page), Animachines is sure to delight active young minds.
Key Features: Innovative combination of popular subjects: animals and machines Three levels of learning: 1) animal names; 2) vehicle names; 3) verb concepts Playful illustrations with look-and-find details


Active, noisy preschoolers will love this little book about animals and their counterparts. 
There isn't a passive voice to be found, and the verbs fairly bounce off the page.
(Brenda Halliday Canadian Children's Book News)A solid attractive offering that children will request for repeated readings.
(Gillian Engberg Booklist / RBB 2004-02-15)The watercolors are clear and uncluttered and the text is simple.
(Kathleen Whalin School Library Journal)In this delightful book, a whale and a submarine can both dive, a lion and a monster truck can both roar, and a sea turtle and a bulldozer can both crawl.
In fact, every animal in Animachines can do something just like a vehicle can! Animachines provides a fresh look at ten lively animals whose actions match those of ten mighty machines.
Readers learn concepts such as squirt, pull, race and stretch by looking at the pictures and seeing both animal and machine acting out the verb.
The pictures are soft and inviting, and each of the ten verbs includes a fairy-like little gnome also acting out the word.
Toddlers can make a game of finding her and explaining what she is doing! ...
My two-year-old loved Animachines from the first reading and continues to imitate the words and sounds throughout the day.
Highly Recommended.
(Stephanie Yamniuk Canadian Materials 2003-11-14)

About the Author

Debora Pearson is the author of several children's books and the co-author of the Adventure Travel series, which earned places on VOYA's Nonfiction Honor list and in the prestigious international White Raven Collection. 
Her books include Hidden Worlds and Load 'Em Up Trucks.
Nora Hilb is the award-winning illustrator of dozens of children's books in her native Argentina and around the world.


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  •     Parents and caregivers will enjoy reading this book with their children/charges and talking about what is happening in each picture. Each animal demonstrates that it can do exactly what a machine can do. A giraffe and cherry picker work side by side to trim a tree, whales dive and move underwater just like a submarine, and a strong male lion makes the sound of a racecar with his mighty roar, along with others. There are not a lot of pages, so it will not over stimulate or cause the child to lose interest.The illustrations are cute and playful and on each page there is a little gnome to find. The illustrations are very colourful. The verbs (action words) are highlighted in the text, words like: dive, squirt, and dig. The actions make the message of the book clear to little ones. This book can be a catalyst for imaginative thinking and play (as kids try to act out what the animals are doing) and as they try to think of other animachines.This book should be in every family library as well as pre-schools. A great way to develop vocabulary.I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  •     This picture book features animals alongside machines doing similar things--such as a cheetah and a car racing, a bird and a plane flying, etc. The illustrations are really cute. My favorite spread was the elephant at the end. My kids thought this was a cute book, too.I read a copy through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

  •     This was such a phenomenal surprise. I wasn't sure what I expected, but it definitely wasn't such a slick introduction to the nature of scientific engineering mimicking nature. While Animachines at first seems to only cater to the toddler crowd, what with its one-word-a-page style rendering, this implied but unspoken segue actually makes it appropriate for slightly older children. My 4-year-old enjoyed assessing which machines were invented to specifically mimic animals found in nature vs. which just had coincidentally similar capabilities.Given that the field of robotics is expanding drastically, this book is a perfect tool to introduce the concept of science mimicking nature in the development thereof. While my kiddo enjoyed the digital version provided through NetGalley for reviewing purposes, I definitely hope to get a physical copy later on for greater utility.

  •     I love the cover of this book. The idea is great saying that animals can do the same as machines can do. Not a whole lot of words to the story. Loved the graphics themselves they were very well illustrated. Although they were not quite what i was expecting based on the front cover. On the cover it shows the elephant on the Fire truck. Inside the book the machines and animals were on separate pictures and pages, none were actually interacting with the machines. I have to say my 2 year old liked it and was scrolling through it on her own. I would have given it 4 stars but the edition on my kindle had some formatting issues and it took me a few minutes to realize the exact problem that I needed to keep scrolling on. It made it look like I had reached the end of the book before I had even started. I would still look for other books by this author.I received this book for free to read on netgalley for an honest review. The opinions in this review are 100% my own.

  •     This book, full of fun animals, mighty machines, and action words will delight any young reader. Each animal demonstrates that it can do exactly what a machine can do. Whales dive and move underwater just like a submerged submarine can do, a giraffe and cherry picker work side by side to get a job done, and a powerful male lion emulates the sound of a souped-up car with his mighty roar, just to name a few. The idea is not like the song..."anything you can do I can do better" but rather I can do it too and we can have fun doing it together.The illustrations are whimsical and playful and on each page there is a little surprise gnome to discover as you flip through the pages. Action words are highlighted in the text, words like: dive, squirt, race and dig etc. The book can be a catalyst for imaginative thinking and play (as kids try to act out what the animals are doing) and as they try to think of other animachines.The actions and the big simple words make the message of the book clear to little ones. Kids will smile as ten happy animals copy the antics of ten mighty machines giving kids ten chances to smile and giggle at the comparisons.


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