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Crush It! (Destruction)

Press: Capstone Press; Ltf Brdbk edition (September 1, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-7
Author Name:Edison, Erin


Crunch and crack! A car goes in the crusher. 
Watch cars get smashed and mashed.


Children's Books,Science, Nature & How It Works

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  •     The definitive repair guide for Volvo 240 owners.A+++++++ highly recommend

  •     We love this nice big board book with thick pages for those little hands. Easy to turn and durable.Plus, beside the colorful pages there are flaps, tabs and levels to pull, changing the picture.The book talks about what happens to cars as they get older with levers for children to take the engines out of, move a vehicle on a tractor, even crush a car.Even at 8 and 10 my kids thought this book was pretty cool!

  •     “CLUNK! CRUNCH! SMASH! Lift flaps, pull tabs, and move levers to crush those cars flat!" (back cover)Kids will love these four “destruction” books. In addition to pulling, pushing, swiping, and opening tabs, kids will read. It is truly fun to read these books aloud to your child. A couple of times reading to them and they will be reading on their own, even if it is only memorizing what you read—it is a start, a good start. The books are sturdy board books, all with nicely thick pages that will withstand some tugging pulling and pushing. The pages are easily cleaned. Jelly will wipe right off the page. I checked.Yep, that car is a goner and it is up to the reader to pick up the car with a forklift and dump it into the crusher. That red sports car will soon become a square of steel. I am not sure where the plastic goes (my car is practically all plastic). Never mind that, here comes car number two. This car is ratty, but the engine looks pretty good. Let’s save that engine. Pull it up and out of the car. And the tires, too. We are going to salvage everything possible. Reuse is the motto!(Originally reviewed at Kid Lit Reviews - received from the publisher, Capstone Press, in exchange for an honest review.)

  •     Every little boy will love reading a book about how cars and trucks are crushed and smashed. Bright colorful photographs show how the process works from beginning to end. The author has written in simple words so the early reader can read the book for himself. But the text is also informative as it explains how the workers get the car ready to be crushed. There is a glossary at the back of the book to explain any words that the reader might not have known before starting the book. There is a list of books that will compliment this book. There is also a list of internet websites that children can check out, with the help of their parents, to learn more about car crushing and about the publishing company. Parents and teachers will love the book because it encourages young readers to enjoy books while providing something that they can have fun reading about.I received this book free of charge from Children's Lit in exchange for my honest review.


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