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Strange Foods (No Way!)

Press: Lerner Publishing Group (August 1, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-10
Author Name:Rosen, Michael J.; Kassoy, Ben; Jones, Doug


You might think anchovies and fruitcake are pretty weird foods. 
But wait until you hear about durian, a huge, spiky fruit that smells like gym socks.
Or salmiakki , the licorice with a salty, fishy taste.
And don’t forget kopi luwak , the coffee made from…poop! Discover all kinds of unusual foods from around the world!


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  •     Food, glorious food. Wait, not all foods seem all that glorious if you're not used to them. How about instead of those potato chips you munch on some chicken feet?

  •     This is one of those books that perhaps everybody should read! A short, compact little book with a few foods that the author contends are strange. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but...About the only negative is the price - it is a bit high for what you get although to be fair this book is aimed at libraries and the book is rather durable. A separate volume for "home use" at a lower price would probably fly off the shelves if priced as a clear impulse buy. This title is clearly aimed at younger readers although why should adults be kept away from the fun?Some of the dishes might have you recoil with horror - thousand-year eggs, edible feet and bird's nest soup - yet the reader is carefully, respectfully and authoritatively informed about a whole range of "strange foods" albeit, as you would expect, with a good dose of humour. This reviewer cannot say that he is going to rush, thanks to reading this book, to try the delights of an ammonia-smelling cheese crawling with maggots, but maybe the name will stick in the mind. One is not yet sold on the idea of trying many of these strange dishes...Inevitably one will be able to look closer to home and find many other strange foods that can tremendously polarise people to either love it or hate it. This reviewer cannot share the enthusiasm of his Swedish neighbours for Surströmming (a fermented smelly tin of herring) that is diplomatically said to be an "acquired taste". Cowardly? You betcha!That said, this book was eminently enjoyable. Yet if one was forced to choose between eating one of these stranger foods or this book then this book might be rather digestible with a dab of tomato ketchup on the side... To misuse a well-known card players' phrase "read it and weep". Or "read it and gag"?

  •     When I selected “Strange Foods (No Way!)” from @NetGalley I didn’t realize what I had gotten myself into. What I was expecting was baby octopus, slimy eels, chocolate-covered grasshoppers, ants and the like. What I found was much, much worse. “Strange Foods” is one of six books in the ‘No Way!’ series. I agree. No way! In a minute, you’ll say ‘no way’ too.Have you ever considered eating a bird’s nest? Did you know that it is considered a delicacy around the world? According to authors, Rosen and Kassoy, bird’s nest soup goes for about $100 a bowl in the United States. Seriously. It gets better. Guess what the main ingredient is – spit! Yummy. Are you hungry yet? No? Well, read this book to find out about thousand-year eggs (fermented eggs), casu marzu (a sheep’s milk cheese covered with maggots – on purpose!), yak butter tea, baby mouse wine (dead ones soaked in rice wine), jellyfish candies and Kopi luwak (a coffee made from poop).The pages of “Strange Foods” are brightly colored with large photographs. It includes a glossary, source notes, books and websites for further reading, and an index. Dig in. You’re going to love it!

  •     Book Description:"You might think anchovies and fruitcake are pretty weird foods. But wait until you hear about durian, a huge, spiky fruit that smells like gym socks. Or salmiakki , the licorice with a salty, fishy taste. And don't forget kopi luwak , the coffee made from...poop! Discover all kinds of unusual foods from around the world!"A great learning lessons about fascinating yet extremely outrageous (and sometimes nauseating!) kinds of unusual foods and their uses from around the world. The items are weird and definitely shocking. There is also a little bit of history too- historical facts and lessons in history in addition to recipes and cooking lessons.This is an excellent book for any elementary or middle school students geared not only to boys but girls as well. A reluctant reader will be engrossed not only by the pictures and illustrations but with all the interesting, strange and wacky incredible facts and story telling.This will engage any reader just for the sometimes nasty and funny content, but one should not have a "weak" stomach! The researching and fact checking that went into this book is impressive.


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