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The Unsolved Mystery of Haunted Houses (Unexplained Mysteries)

Press: Capstone Press (July 1, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-7
Author Name:Krohn, Katherine


Spooky sounds wander through an empty house. 
A strange ghostly shadow floats down a hallway.
Are the strange happenings in haunted houses caused by ghosts? No one knows for sure.
Explore this unsolved mystery, and learn why some people believe and others don't.


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  •     If your kids are like mine, they go through a phase where they want to know about the paranormal. There's so much junk on the subject, so I appreciated how this book weighs the options of belief and disbelief. Books on subjects like ghosts are so much better than having kids get information from ridiculous TV shows. This one is well written, with good stories and good research - great for family discussion. Recommended.

  •     This is a good book for children who start to ask questions about ghosts or haunted houses. Personally I would not present this to them until they did. Younger children can be helped with the reading and up to middle schoolers might find this of interest.It is short but it covers questions that might come up about haunted houses and ghosts. There are vocabulary words, defined on the pages and a glossary at the end. True false questions are excellent, answering questions such as; have ghosts' voices been recorded and why there might be cold spots in a house.There are photographs and examples that will give information about this spooky subject.


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