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Midnight Magic

Press:Perfection Learning Perfection Learning (September 1, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-9
Author Name:Avi


Mangus the Magician has been commanded to free a princess from a terrifying ghost. 
But Mangus doesn't believe in ghosts.
Actually, he doesn't even believe in magic.
His servant boy, Fabrizio, is the princess's secret friend and determined to prove that the ghost is real.

From Publishers Weekly

"Taut and suspenseful, this vivid mystery set in an imaginary kingdom of Renaissance Italy is vintage Avi," said PW in a starred review. 
"With snappy dialogue, nonstop action and lavishly embroidered period backdrops, this will please the author's fans and may well win over some new ones." Ages 10-14.
Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

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From School Library Journal

Grade 5-9-Avi takes readers to 15th-century Italy in this entertaining tale of mystery and intrigue. 
Twelve-year-old Fabrizio is the servant of Mangus the Magician.
When the king's daughter claims to have seen a ghost, the magician and the boy are summoned to the castle.
The evil Count Scarazoni wants to prove the ghost is not real so that his wedding to the princess will not be postponed.
Young Fabrizio uses trickery, recklessness, and bravado to ferret out clues, spying in castle halls and secret passages.
His master, meanwhile, relies on pure reason to reach the truth.
Between the two of them, they are able to unveil a web of plots and deceptions, and then find a way to thwart the count and save their own skins.
The quick pace and several plot twists will keep readers turning pages.
The mystery will keep them guessing, but it never becomes too complicated to follow.
Fabrizio makes an appealing hero.
His cleverness is often outdone by the schemes of others involved, but his courage and curiosity make up the difference.
The boy often injects witty aphorisms into his conversation, and his enthusiasm and energy contrast entertainingly with the calm wisdom of his master.
The villainous count is less fully drawn, as is the king, but the queen and the princess develop entertainingly as the story progresses.
Most of the tale takes place within the "castello," and descriptions of the dark hallways, hidden staircases, and gloomy dungeon make a delightfully atmospheric setting for this historical mystery.Steven Engelfried, Deschutes County Library, Bend, OR Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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From Booklist

Avi continues to write across genres, this time offering a medieval mystery that will keep readers guessing to the very end. 
Fabrizio, the servant boy of the magician Mangus, gets embroiled in palace intrigue when Mangus is called to the castle to ascertain whether 10-year-old Princess Teresina has truly seen a ghost as she claims.
Count Scarazoni, the king's closest advisor and Teresina's intended, wants the ghost to be a fiction.
Teresina wants the king and others to believe that the ghost is that of her missing brother.
Both the unwilling Mangus and the meddling Fabrizio become entangled in a conspiracy that could lead to their deaths.
Avi provides as many twists and turns as there are secret corridors and hidden rooms in Teresina's massive palace.
Most of the time these bends in the plot heighten the tension, once even providing some heart-stopping action.
However, especially at the book's conclusion, some of the explanations of previous actions get a bit convoluted, and kids may have to read the ending more than once before everything makes sense.
They may not mind too much, though, because the combination of magic and mystery is pretty irresistible.
Ilene Cooper

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From Kirkus Reviews

Conspiracies, intrigue, murder, deceit, apparitions, dusty secret passages, false identities, a clever investigator, and his loyal if credulous young servant: Avi's new page-turner has it all. 
Not long after scholarly old Mangus is forced into renouncing magical powers he never claimed to possess, he is abruptly summoned to the nearby Castello Pergamontio; it seems that Princess Teresina, 10, claims to have seen a ghost.
His servant and narrator, Fabrizio, soon discovers that the situation is far from cut-and-dried; the heir, Prince Lorenzo, is gone, perhaps murdered, and the princess is about to be secretly married to sinister Count Scarazoniunless the superstitious King Claudio calls the wedding off.
Mangus, who doesnt believe in the supernatural, says the ghost is not real, but Fabrizio has no doubt after seeing a gesticulating, weirdly lit figure.
Then Teresina's tutor is found dead.
Enmeshing his protagonist in webs of conflicting plots and alliances, Avi brings the suspenseful plot to a climactic boil in which Scarazoni is tricked into confessing that he killed both the tutor and the princeor tried to, as Lorenzo has been around the whole time, disguised as a kitchen boy.
Readers, especially fans of John Bellairs's books, will be riveted from page one.
11-13) -- Copyright ©1999, Kirkus Associates, LP.
All rights reserved.

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“With snappy dialogue, nonstop action, and lavishly embroidered period backdrops, this will please Avi's fans and may well win over some new ones.” –Publishers Weekly, starred review“A medieval mystery that will keep readers guessing to the very end.” –Booklist“The pages fly with intrigue and action.” –Horn Book

About the Author

Avi, who goes by the name his twin sister gave him when they were about one year old, is the author of more than 30 books and winner of more than 90 awards, including the Newbery Medal and two Newbery Honors. 
His work spans many genres - historical fiction, coming-of-age, comedy, mystery, and fantasy.
A former librarian and father of three grown sons, Avi was raised in Brooklyn and now lives in Denver, Colorado.
For more information about Avi, visit: avi-writer.com and scholastic.com/tradebooks

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  •     This is a good book for mystery, adventure, and, well, magic! I would definitely recommend this to 4-7th graders, with its vocabulary being very high. While the book moves incredibly slow, with some parts you just want to skip, most parts of it is actually quite interesting. Almost every single chapter it leaves a cliffhanger, sometimes HUGE that you can't bear your self from reading on. Still, though, the book is very surprising and has an extremely strange ending. Starts to get interesting from- Chapter 16 Possible "don't know" vocabulary words for average4th grader- 3005th grader- 2506th grader- 1507th grader- 100I don't know-450

  •     This is book #2 in Avi's Midnight Magic series. I have not yet read the first book. This one stood well on its own.

  •     Set in Renaissance age Italy, Fabrizio and his master Mangus must try to free a princess from being haunted by ghost.

  •     I loved this book. For a while as I read, I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but then the magic began to happen.

  •     Awesome book but i guess I was confused by the Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition. It was listed as hardback but it was not.

  •     This book was great for me to read although it said it was for 11/12 year olds. There was a cliff hanger at every chapter. It was entertaining.

  •     a good book that always keeps you guessing so that is why I love it (written by C. Alter, a 9 year old boy)

  •     This book is recommended for young readers. This mystery is set in the Renaissance period. Midnight Magic is about a magician by the name of Mangus who is under house arrest.

  •     Midnight Magic is a medieval mystery. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy a good mystery.

  •     Great book. But I got a different cover than shown in picture. disappointed cus I order midnight magic for the old cover.

  •     The story happens in the Renaissance time. It's about a retired magician who is under house arrest, and his loyal 12 year old servant. It is a wonderful book filled with fantasy and suspense.I thought it was so good that I couldn't put down the book.I really liked the mysterious plot of the book also. I enjoyed the part that Fabrizio went to go get water the first and second time, when Ronaldo pulled Fabrizio into the chapel because somebody was walking around the corner, and he wanted to talk to him.I think that Avi did a really good job at painting a picture in my mind.I thought one of the reasons that it was so good was that it had many twists in it.I also liked the part that Mangus found out about the plan.In my opinion the way he wrote it was very interesting. The ending was very suspenseful, and I could not guess what was going to happen. I really recommend this book for everyone, even if you are not a big reader!

  •     Avi weaves an intricate web of political plots and magical suspicions. In a Renaissance country that resembles Spain or Portugal, a reported magician named Mangus and his servant boy Fabrizo are brought to the king. A ghost is haunting the young Princess Teresina, who is to be wed to villainous Count Scarazoni in a few days time. All the while, the possibility that the ghost is the murdered Prince Lorenzo hangs over them.Fabrizo soon is submerged into a twisting tale of treachery and power, spirituality and trickery. Avi's characters are intriguing and real, especially weary Mangus, independent Fabrizo, and mischievous Teresina. Some of the characters are a bit flat, including the queen and Scarazoni, but it does not detract much from the story; Lorenzo's whereabouts are somewhat obvious after a while. However, Avi's imagery and dialogue are wonderful, and the magic woven into the words makes this an interesting and enjoyable read.

  •     This is one of those books that keeps you up at night because you're just not able to put it down! Congratulations to Avi who, once again, has created an adolescent novel full of interesting, complex, and captivating characters. This story is packed with vivid, enchanting descriptions, including those of the castle, the hidden passage ways, the surprising twists, the secret conversations, and the mysterious ghost. Additionally, the gentle use of medieval language serves to establish the setting well, without alienating readers who would normally be "turned off" by such dialogue. As a teacher, I've recommended this book to many of my sixth grade language arts students, all of whom, upon finishing it, immediately ask for another just like it.

  •     The research that Avi goes to really gives a person a deep insight to castles and that time of knights and kingdoms. His books are great.

  •     We have now placed two orders for this book in paperback for my son's summer reading, both came with pages incorrect in the book. We are missing pages 23-54 and instead have pages 199-230 for a second time in the book in there place. Not sure what went wrong with there printing!!

  •     This book really was magical, at least a little. The characters were mostly weasels and the main character (and others’ treatment of him) weren’t the best, but the plot was...


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