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Dark Things II: Journey into Tomorrow

Press: Royal Fireworks Pr; First edition (October 2001)
Publication Date:2001-6
Author Name:Brown, Joseph F.


Dark Things II: Continues Jarrod's amazing abilities with spectacular visuals. 
Now a member of Tony's family, Jarrod is the object of Iraqi and American government nighttime commando kidnap missions.
Both governments want to find out what makes him tick.
Both figure that he will be an easy catch at the huge international fishing conference that Tony's parents are involved with in Costa Rica.
Meanwhile, at the conference, Jarrod and Tony meet a very bright and perky girl, teenager Nancy Myers, daughter of well-known and respected environmentalists.
After witnessing one of Jarrod's creations and over-hearing the boys' conversation, Nancy presses to learn more about Jarrod.
And does.
Greatly impressed with her sense of humor, intelligence and environmental concern, they invite her on an incredible journey of discovery which includes a side trip to the moon Europa and its sea filled with exotic life forms under its miles of ice.
She also visits The Root and experiences Jarrod's Dark Things up close.
Although thrilled, she is not overwhelmed; she is a fine new friend.
The trio decides to motivate the conference attendees by involving them all in a shared dream wherein they can walk through a landscape that The Root's incredible power of simulation projects will come to pass if nothing is done to stop the killing of Earth's oceans.While in the dream, Jarrod is kidnapped.
Dark Things II whirls to a slam-bang great fantasy escape that is Joe Brown's signature.


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  •     Usually, sequels are a step down from an original. But in this case, this unique sci-fi/fantasy adventure is a leap ahead. If you remotely enjoyed "Dark Things," you won't want to put this book down. Looking forward to "Dark Things III."


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