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Ghosthunters And The Totally Moldy Baroness!

Press:Scholastic Paperbacks Chicken House (January 1, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-1
Author Name:Cornelia Funke


Book 3 in the ghastly fantastic GHOSTHUNTERS series of illustrated paperback originals by bestselling author Cornelia Funke. 
Get scared silly!Strange and stinky things are happening at Gloomsburg Castle.
To begin with, the creepy place is crawling with TIBIGs (Tiny Biting Ghosts, per the Indispensable Alphabetical Index).
And now it appears that the murderous spirit of a 400-year-old, Totally Moldy Baroness has possessed the palace's owner, infecting her with a killer case of hic-hic-hiccups! To put an end to the foul play and dispel this rank, decaying royal for good, count on ghost-busting boy wonder Tom, Averagely Spooky Ghost Hugo, and the ever-resourceful Hetty.
Go ghosthunters!


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  •     very happy with my purchase

  •     My class of 22 second graders is totally CRAZY for this series. Here are their ratings: Freaky! Cool! Hugo is sooooo funny in this book! Very exciting! Totally wicked! Surprising!

  •     I ordered this book as a gift so I did not read it but it was in great shape and I received good service.

  •     I just turned 8. The Ghosthunter books are my favorite. This book is about an old ghost that uses power to grow strong.

  •     Like the other Ghosthunter stories, my children wanted to listen to these CD's as much as possible. The suspense kept them engaged.

  •     The third part of the seriesAnd a new Ghosthunter bookThe saga of the BaronessIs worth a second lookIt's off to Gloomsburg CastleTo meet some folk named WormAnother tough assignmentFor Hetty and her firmTo try to catch the BaronessThey turn off all the powerBecause without her energyShe'll wither like a flowerThe plan backfires terriblyAnd she still gets her juiceAstride her horse she draws a swordAnd then all hell breaks looseThe Baroness had met her fateBy falling in the moatThe only chance they have to winLies hidden 'neath her coatAction packed and funny tooThis is the best so farSo look for more GhosthuntersIf you're into the bizarreAmanda Richards, January 16, 2007Ghosthunters And The Gruesome Invincible Lightning Ghost (Ghosthunters)Ghosthunters And The Totally Moldy Baroness! (Ghosthunters)Ghosthunters And The Muddy Monster Of Doom! (Ghosthunters)

  •     down the wet path...Where is the castle? nice and huddled in the dry car.What will hapen next? you should read the 1# book beafore you read all the others because a mane character that is a ghost. This book is the 3# book. You should read this book if you like mystery or ghosts. I like this book because i like scary storys. You ould also like scary storys. I also like this book because it has ment pop out palaces.i think evry libry should have this sires. By!! See you soon!

  •     My 9-yr old son LOVES this book, as well as the other Cornelia Funke books in the Ghosthunter series. He read this book nonstop from start to finish in only one day, and he is not the type of child who will read just anything. If you have a son/grandson/nephew who is a picky or reluctant reader, chances are good that this book will be one he will enjoy.

  •     I loved It, I read the fourth one first and couldn't get enough, then I read this one and was blown away yet again. I highly recommend this book. it will just keep you coming back and wanting more!

  •     This is the third book I have read out of the series. It is my favorite one so. I would recommend these books to anyone who enjoys a creepy fun read.

  •     My 7 year old son loves this whole series of books. They are some of the only books he wants to keep on reading, even after his reading timer goes off. He can't seem to put them down, and he talks about them after reading. He also has picked them a few times to do his book reports on. Highly recommended!

  •     I like the Ghosthunter series. This book was too short though. I liked how they eliminated the ghost. You should get this book!Ethan age 11


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