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Nightsweats in Bigelow Hollow

Press: March Books (April 24, 2009)
Author Name:Claire, M. J.


Nightsweats in Bigelow Hollow is a character driven YA fantasy. 
The story revolves around Kelly Black, a college-aged heroine who is one part Buffy Summers and one part Nancy Drew.
Kelly is reluctantly yanked out of her hectic but infinitely normal life and into a Twilight Zone adventure she won't soon forget.
Her path leads to the unwelcome revelations about her family and herself that she might prefer remain hidden.
Kelly learns that the Animelfs did not come upon her by accident.
They sought her out because their destinies are, in fact, inextricably linked.
Kelly must deal with the discovery of her mother's deception about their true heritage and the startling insight into her father's nefarious, secret endeavors.

From the Author

This story is about fantasy and magic but it is also about the harsh reality of the treatment of our animal friends. 
The domestic animals in our lives (our dog and cat companions) are our friends and should be treated with respect.
Unfortunately, many animals are not loved or even properly cared for.
Awareness is the start of making things better for our animal friends.

From the Back Cover

Kelly Black is like a combination of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  Sydney Bristo from `Alias' and  Nancy Drew. 
She has a quick wit, a ton of attitude and a sharp tongue -- sometimes too sharp.
She's also got issues.
Things are not great at home, but that takes a back seat to what happens when she meets Fagan on a midnight walk through Bigelow Hollow Park.
Things get crazy, and why wouldn't they? Kelly's reality has become talking to animals, walking through paintings into other dimensions and battling the evil Morgrath to save the Animelfs.
Somehow, in the midst of all this insanity, she finds Garth who helps her tap into emotions that she thought were deeply buried.
`Nightsweats in Bigelow Hollow' is the first in a series of adventures with Kelly Black and the Animelfs.
Join her as she begins her strange journey.
...Diving into the woods, she ran blindly.
A few yards in, Kelly collided headlong with a young birch.
Ricocheting off of the tree, like the metal sphere in a pinball game, she lost control.
The momentum spun Kelly around, knocking her off balance.
It sent her sprawling over the edge of the ravine.
Then, she was falling, and falling, and falling...
She hit the ground with a thud.
The air whooshed out of her lungs.
Her head slammed back with a hollow thump.
It was the sound of a wooden floor.
`What the heck?' She extended her arms in an attempt to still the feeling of vertigo.
Her fingers grabbed at a handful of shag rug.
What people are saying about Nightsweats in Bigelow Hollow; These characters and settings are so vividly realistic that I would recognize them if they could actually leap off the page...Dottie M.
-- Massachusetts I don't EVER read fantasy, but I loved this story...Amy C.
-- Kentucky

About the Author

Claire spends most of her time on the North Shore of Hawaii where she enjoys being surrounded by nature and a house full of animals.
She has been writing novels for young adults since 2003.
'Nightsweats in Bigelow Hollow', is the first in a fantasy series.
The second book in the series, 'Bigelow Hollow Revisited' is due out in May of 2010.
Also coming soon from M.J.
Claire are 'The Invisibles' - a story of three disenfranchised youths who find friendship and acceptance and 'RAIN' a futuristic look at the world through the eyes of 11-year-old Brendon Corbin.


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  •     Great for young adults

  •     If you're tired of reading about teenage vampires here's book one of an engaging new fantasy series that features some unique supernatural creatures - Nightsweats in Bigelow Hollow by MJ Claire.It's the first in an engaging new fantasy series for young adults. Realistic themes of family, love and animal cruelty run throughout this tale of personal growth and magical adventure.It's Halloween night and Kelly Black is walking home. She takes a route that cuts through a deserted park. Distracted by thoughts of her parents divorce she's startled by a strange noise and is relieved to see it's only a black cat. Kelly loves animals and plans to be a veterinarian. She attempts to pick up the cat but it claws the back of her hand and runs off. The park is full of ominous shadows and eerie noises that frighten Kelly. She takes off running, falls and passes out. When she wakes up in her bedroom, she assumes she was dreaming but the scratches on her hand tell another story. Badly frightened, Kelly goes back to sleep. When she wakes up again she's back in the park. The black cat appears but this time it speaks to her. Fagan is an animelf, one of an ancient elfin people who have the ability to take animal form. He reveals startling news about her true heritage and her evil-doing dad. It's time for Kelly to confront her destiny and right the wrongs committed by her father.The author has created a well-drawn world with a magical yet believable culture and three-dimensional characters. The heroes are compelling and likeable and there are numerous quirky characters such as shape-shifting elves and mountain dwelling trolls. Although Kelly is a college student and there is a hint of a budding romance, her dialogue and actions make her appear younger. Could just be me, the young people I know are very mature for their age. I would have liked to see more about Kelly's mother since she figures prominently in the story line but I'm assuming she will appear in the next book. Intriguing conflicts and a quick pace will keep young readers engrossed. It is a promising beginning to a new series.Genre: Young Adult FantasyPublisher: March Books; [...]ISBN: 9781935367000Publication Date - 8/1/09Paperback: Pages 148Price: $[...]Gail Pruszkowski reviews for "Romantic Times BOOKreviews" magazine and her work has been published in the "Cup of Comfort" Anthologies. [...][...]

  •     This is a tale of adventure. Life, love, and death are all recognizable companions within its pages. Kelly Black is our young heroine to be, reluctant as she is to accept that distinction. Follow her and her merry band of travellers to the ends of their worlds to save a land of beauty and magic. Did I mention that a few of her friends happen to be Animelf's? What are those you ask? Sorry, but you'll have to read it to find out! Step inside a world of imagination with a message to reach the hearts of us all.Recommended for book lovers, young adult fiction readers, and dabblers of fantasy novels. Happy reading!

  •     This is not my usual genre. I don't normally read fantasy fiction. But it's riveting. I got really hooked early on and couldn't wait to see what happened. The characters are well fleshed-out. The imagery is vivid. I loved it!


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