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Caution: Dangerous Devotions

Press: Chariot Victor Publishing (December 1995)


A hiker theme, with icons denoting specific parts of each devotion, guides kids through a complete study of the New Testament.


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  •     Caution: Dangerous Devotions is a unique, one-of- a-kind Chrisitian devotional with an extremely organized format, which beautifully compliments the subject matter. The authors approach to the medley of Biblical themes is eye catching, enter- taining and mind and heart stimulating. From beginning to end, there is evident a "main theme" which captivates the reader to respond to God's free gift of salvation. Often, throughout the lessons, there is the referral (to the back of thebook) to read again what it means to become a Christian. The authors clear and concise way of bringing to life Biblical characters and their situations and relating them to todays people and experiences is mastered superbly. There is no doubt that God was "at work" then and still at work today--His Spirit convicting the heart of a sinful race. This book offers a great deal in the way of teaching the reader (no matter the age!) the condition of mankind, as clearly stated in the Scriptures, and of a mighty God Who is loving and powerful enough to forgive, and Who's Son, Jesus Christ, laid down His life to buy back the world through His death on the cross. I highly recommend this book for children, teen- agers and adults. The author has presented beautifully many New Testament accounts of people, places and events which are accurate to "that" time. Obviously, much research was done to achieve the goal of educating the reader. I am impressed with the author's tender approach in conveying the love of Jesus Christ, who is God! This book is easy to read. In each lesson, there is put forth a challenge to some specific purpose relating to that topic. The lessons end with a thought-provoking question or idea which motivates the reader to make some sort of decision. The side theme of the "hiker" climbing the rope can be seen while quickly flipping the pages from front to back--a cleaver way of showing the reader, (yes, even us older ones!) that our journey in life can be tough and yet it is wonderful when we can rely on Jesus and His promises to sustain us through the pitfalls as well as through those mountain-top experiences. Five stars and A+!!!

  •     As a teacher of 4th & 5th grade at church, I was able to take this book and do a lot of creative classes with my kids. They absolutely loved it! I had parents telling me the only reason they came to church that night, despite exhaustion from working all day, was because their kids were going to be terribly upset if they didn't make it to class. We had "dress up" for the wedding feast at Caanan and we were farmers for the story of the demons sent into the pigs. The book lends itself to holding the interest of that age group. The conciseness of the stories holds your attention well. The comments at the end are applicable for everyday use. It addresses the heart of each story and offers suggestions to live out what you have now learned. Wonderful!

  •     I work with developmentally disabled adults of varying abilities. This book suits our needs quite well. Each devotion tells an easy to understand story and the point is clearly laid out but with room to engage all.

  •     This is an excellent...easy to understand...easy to follow devotional for children...and for adults too. The author presents facts in a fun and informative fashion. You can tell she's a mom who is a great communicator. I think anyone who's looking for a way to get their children into the bible will love Jackie Perseghetti's books!

  •     We have been using this for our daily Bible lessons and I love it. My kids are 4th and 6th grade and it is a perfect level for them. They understand what we read and have been answering the questions correctly. It's takes just right amount of time for us, about 20 minutes, including the Bible text reading. Highly recommended! When we finish this one, we are going to get the one for Old Testament.

  •     LOVE IT!! The BEST devotionals I have ever read!!

  •     This book is awesome! I'm a teenager and this book has helped me to understand and get more excited about reading my Bible. It's one of the better devotionals on the market because it doesn't have a nerdy story with a Scripture verse on the end. Instead, the devotions are straight from Scripture with great life applications and questions that make me really think. The writer also makes me feel like I'm right there in the middle of all the action. This devotional is a MUST READ for everyone -- definitely a great book for ANY age!!


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