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Who is Jesus? (Little Blessings)

Press:Tyndale House Pub Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (April 1, 1999)
Publication Date:1999-3
Author Name:Bostrom, Kathleen Long/ Kucharik, Elena (ILT)


The Little Blessings characters by illustrator Elena Kucharik return for the second book in the Questions from Little Hearts series, Who Is Jesus? This book of full-color contemporary illustrations for three- to six-year-olds contains questions that kids might ask about Jesus. 
Each answer is worded as if Jesus himself were speaking and is based on what Scripture teaches us about God’s Son.


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  •     The author has done it again! This is a fine book, one that is accessible to children and yet a wonderful read for all ages. The artist's work perfectly compliments the text. I am buying this book for my friends and for their church libraries. I high recommend it!

  •     Will teach my grandson about Jesus in an understandable way. Who could ask for anything more?

  •     This book has an easy reading style that appeals to young kids. The story explains Jesus in a way that is easy for the kids to understand as well as intrigue their little minds.

  •     Love these books for my daughters!

  •     Cheap and poor quality. The story & illustrations are sweet. This needs to be in board book form.

  •     I purchased this book thinking it would be a great way to really introduce Jesus to my 2 (almost 3) year old. We have another Little Blessings book that I love ("God Loves You"). This one is cute, but sometimes a little abstract for a toddler. For example, there are no pictures of Jesus in this book, just little kids role playing Jesus, and of course my daughter wants to know which one is Jesus. When it talks about Jesus dying on the cross, there is no picture of a cross, instead there is an illustration of a tree in the fall. Likewise, on the next page when it talks about Jesus living again, it shows the tree in the spring. Great idea, but the metaphor is completely lost on a toddler. The verses rhyme in a singsong manner, which my daughter loves. Some of the verses are straightforward:"I came to the earth as a baby, like you,So you have a birthday, and I have one too!" Others are, again, pretty abstract for a toddler (though scripturally accurate, and poetic):"So if you are willing, please come follow me.Then you'll be my light and will help people see." Also, some of the illustrations from "God Loves You" are reprinted in this book, but in an entirely different context, so that kind of threw her off too. Bottom line: I like this book, my daughter likes this book, but I don't feel like it's helping her understand the story of Jesus. It never hurts to start hearing some of the biblical language though, even if it doesn't make sense now.

  •     Great book, and my kids love it! Ordered this used and the condition was very good. It's a great story to use to help teach your kids about Jesus, and the illustrations are...

  •     pastor and kids love the books, thanks

  •     Got this for my granddaughter, very well written.

  •     This book is darling and my four year old loves it! It pulls many truths about Jesus based directly from scriptures.

  •     Thank you

  •     I love this book and bought 2 books for gifts. They came with dents on the front cover (like the original packaging was too tight).

  •     I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I knew it would be a good book to read to my toddler, based on what I saw from the "Click to Look Inside" in the amazon site. But there's more to this book than just simple phrases and questions - it actually gives a background of who Jesus is, based on the bible - in story and rhyme form. The first part of the book shows the curiosity of a child - where he/she asks questions about Jesus:Dear Jesus, please show me, for I want to seeThe ways you're the same and yet different from me.....What made you feel happy?And what made you mad?Was there ever a time when you felt really sad?Did you always take time to pray every day?When you talked to God, tell me, what did you say?I feel so unhappy that you had to die.Oh, why did that happen to you, Jesus? Why?The second part of the book are the answers to these questions - spoken in Jesus' perspective.I'm Jesus, God's Son, and I want you to seeThe Bible can teach you a lot about me.I came from my Father to show you the wayTo live as God wants you to live every day.I came to the earth as a baby, like you,So you have a birthday, and I have one too!I came down from heaven as God's only SonTo show all the world that God loves everyone....I felt all the very same feelings you feelThe joy that I have for my people is real.I spoke out in anger at people who lied;I cried when I heard that a good friend had died.I prayed to my Father in good times and badHe listened to every concern that I had....I died on a cross so that others could liveAnd know there is nothing that God can't forgive....That God's love is so great, it will never run out.Now that is good news to tell others about!The third part of the book is made up of Bible References:I loved to tell stories to any who'd hear,While people would gather from far and from near.They followed me closely wherever I led,So eager to hear every word that I said. -Jesus always used stories and illustrations like these when speaking to the crowds. MATTHEW 13:34 Large crowds followed him wherever he went. MATTHEW 4:25I definitely recommend this book!

  •     Kathleen Bostrom is a wonderful children's author. She explains Christian faith in terms children understand. All of her Little Blessings contributions are brilliantly done.

  •     This book has a beautiful message and artwork. Worthy of being a part of every Christian's library.

  •     I have purchased several books from the Little Blessings line for my children. In each of them, I have whited out and changed at least a few of the words either to be more scripturally accurate or just to be more appropriate for my young children. In Why Is There a Cross?, I had to change quite a lot to make it appropriate; in this one, Who Is Jesus?, it was hard even to know where to start. I felt like I would have been whiting-out or adding substantially to so much of the book to make it less confusing that it just wouldn't have been worth it to keep. So I didn't keep it.Basically, this book is just way too small to try to handle such a big topic. It tries to simultaneously ask questions about Jesus' deity and humanity as well as answer them, and it ends up just being way too much information about way too many topics with way too little clarification. Honestly, I think it is poor stewardship of the biblical texts to try to cram so much into one book. To have Jesus (in the first person tense, no less) quickly skimming through childish questions and also incorporating facts about his deity and death and resurrection and omnipotence all in the same book... well, it just doesn't work. So yes, it's cute, and yes, it talks about Jesus, but the bottom line is that I got rid of it because it was just way too confusing for young children. I really recommend What is God Like? and What About Heaven? and What is Prayer? from this series... they have been great for our kids, and have even worked as an informal catechism of sorts for teaching them the truths of God's Word... but I really would not recommend this one. I apologize that I didn't keep it long enough to give more clear examples of what particularly bothered me from this book, but I do feel the need to say... this one really bothered me, and I would not recommend it.

  •     So cute and adorable. The pictures are great, as always. My kids love these books


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