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Candle Bible for Toddlers

Press:Kregel Pubns Candle Books (August 7, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-9
Author Name:David, Juliet/ Prole, Helen (ILT)


A great book full of Bible stories and colorful illustrations, written especially for toddlers and perfect for first-time readers.


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  •     We have many children's bibles in our home. This is the 1st one our 2 year old has loved. He carries it around...calls it "my Bible" and asks to read it every day. The main difference (I think) is that this Bible has few words/sentences on each page and very engaging pictures for a toddler. It hits all the main Bible stories and people...it leaves out many of the details that you can teach later and uses very simple language. We will use it until he is ready for more words/less pictures and more details.

  •     Love it already!! Exactly what I was looking for for my 2 1/2 yr old. Vivid colors and pics. Short sentences and stories. Age appropriate and holds attention.

  •     I'm very happy with the purchase of candle bible of toddlers. It's a good reading bible for parents to read to their toddler's and also for toddler's to understand.

  •     Perfect for toddlers. Pictures are bright and appropriately interpret each story. Just enough words per page to clearly convey the story's basics while keeping toddler's interest. Such a blessing for our family I ordered more as gifts!

  •     This is a nice book that we purchased used for my son it was in great condition and he loved it.Every page has colorful illustrations with short simple and easy to...

  •     Love it and so do my grandchildren. Simple for them to understand. Highly recommend this.

  •     Excellent reading for toddlers. My granddaughter makes her mother read a story from this book every night.

  •     Bought our son another bible book when he was born, but he loves this one. I would highly recommend it.

  •     Love this Bible! It is perfect for my Toddler and she loves it!

  •     I bought this used book. It's really good condition and reasonable price. My two kids so love it. They're love to ready everyday.

  •     This was purchased for my 1 yo's first birthday - we did a Noah's Ark theme. It's a perfect little book, bright interesting pictures, and well written in words both he and my toddler can understand. My only negative was I paid for expedited shipping and did not get expedited delivery.

  •     I bought this book for my Godson's baptism. He is only 3 months but his mom is an elementary school teacher and wants to start reading to him in a few months. She thought this was perfect for him to use when he is young. Some of the children's bibles are more appropriate for young elementary students but this one will be great for that under 5 years old gap where you want to start teaching them about the bible but need something simple with lots of pictures to keep them interested. I would say this is great for under 5 but after that you may want to start looking at a more in depth children's bible.

  •     The preschool Sunday School teachers at our church love this Bible. The pictures capture the children's attention and there are few enough words per page to keep toddlers interested in having the stories read to them.

  •     Beautiful bible. We like the vibrant illustrations. The story telling is a bit too simple for my 3 year old. This book really makes the Bible accessible to young children, while respecting their delicate sensibilities. I like the maps included in the illustrations as well. Unfortunately, this book is aimed at a slightly younger audience than my son. I think it's better for one and two year olds.

  •     This book will be presented to my 3-year-old granddaughter in two weeks. I think the wording and illustrations are right for her age even though it must be read to her.


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