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My Creation Bible: Teaching Kids to Trust the Bible from the Very First Verse

Press:New Leaf Pr Master Books (April 1, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-3
Author Name:Ham, Ken/ Taylor, Jonathan (ILT)


You won't want to miss this must-have "first Bible" for small children, from the president of Answers in Genesis, the world's largest creation ministry. 
Ken Ham, the country's most in-demand creationist speaker, has crafted a lavishly illustrated, biblically faithful Bible board book for toddlers.
Ham writes in delightful verse and explains difficult passages in a thoughtful way.
The book teaches children about the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, and Jesus in an age-appropriate manner and features colorful, vibrant illustrations that children will adore.
My Creation Bible is a one-of-a-kind Bible that parents and grandparents will be overjoyed to present to the special little ones in their lives.
Sturdy, durable Bible board book Easy to carry with a handle on the side Includes a FREE music CD


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  •     Exactly what I wanted for our little one. Love the handle, the artwork, and the biblical truths.

  •     My 2 year old was given this book for her birthday. That night as her Dad was reading it to her before bed, a few of the things mentioned caught my attention and absolutely...

  •     This is a great book! In a world that tries to peddle evolution at every corner its good to find material that shows truth so adequately!

  •     Great book! It's biblical and fun to read to the kiddoes!

  •     Love this Bible, the pictures and the rhymes.

  •     great for little ones!

  •     I love this book and can't wait to continue to read it to my daughter as she gets older. It is amazingly sturdy, has beautiful illustrations, and is well written.

  •     It doesn't rhyme as nicely as D is for Dinosaur. The content of D is for Dinosaur is so comprehensive. I was expecting an actual child's bible. If the book was just titled "The Creation Story" instead of using "Bible" it wouldn't be so misleading. Like all the other AIG books, though!

  •     I likes the apologetic way it was written fo easy understanding for kids.

  •     Such a cute little kids Bible, I've bought several but this last one goes to may baby granddaughter so she can be taught the truth from day 1!

  •     This is such a nice little book. I love how it lays out the story of creation. I am often looking for a true representation of the creation story that does not put dinosaurs before humans. This book is engaging. The pictures are very nice and the story has a great flow to it in a rhyming fashion. I. do think it is a bit of a stretch to call it a "Bible". Although based in biblical truth, it is definitely not a complete Bible. It tells the story of creation, the great flood, the tower of babel, and redemption through Christ. It is a great story book to introduce children to biblical truth staring in Genesis. My boys (4 1/2 and 3) beg for this book often. I would definitely recommend this book.

  •     We love AIG- This is a story book about creation not a beginners bible. It has about 10 pages ( board book style for little kids ) that is a poem all about creation - to the fall- to Jesus- it flows really nice

  •     This is a great creation book inspired from the Holy Bible. Should be in every childs home. Ken Ham is a Godly writer and Creation Scientist.

  •     With color drawings and rhyming text this tells the story of creation, sin, and a need for a Savior.


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