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The One Year Devos for Girls 2 (One Year Book of Devotions for Girls)

Press:Tyndale House Pub Tyndale Kids (October 1, 2002)
Author Name:Childrens Bible Hour


Boys and girls can discover the joys of daily time with God! The One Year Book of Devotions for Boys, Volume 2 and The One Year Book of Devotions for Girls, Volume 2 blend engaging stories with brief Scripture readings and memory verses to help preteens dig in to the Word. 
Readers will relate to the contemporary characters dealing with real-life dilemmas, and they'll learn to apply the lessons to their own lives through the practical application sections.
Indexes at the end provide additional resources for studying specific topics and verses.
These books are a valuable tool for developing a lifetime of spiritual growth.


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  •     My 10 year old daughter read the entire Devos for Girls Book 1 and bought this Book 2 with her birthday money. She understands the concepts of reading one-a-day for a devotional, but she sat down and read the whole thing at one time, and is going back now to re-read it on the respective days. She's a good girl that soaks up Christian values and morals, and I suppose if they make a Book 3, we'll purchase it, too!

  •     My daughter loves all of the interesting stories and short devotions!

  •     First of all, I am one of those people that stick with the KJV so I am giving this 4 stars due to the fact it has a memory verse at the end of each devotion, as well as some read within the stories themselves, that are diferent versions. I always read any scriptures and memory verses from one of our Bibles though so it's not a huge deal but I would love to see them offer a KJV version of these devotionals...We were actually given the original 'One Year Devos for Girls' for Christmas a couple of years ago and I would read it with my children every night and we all enjoyed it, it also uses different versions, just so you know. Well, when we finished it I was hoping to find a devotional for kids that was KJV based but I couldn't, so I tried a couple of different devotions last year and couldn't find one that really suited us the way I'd like. When I found this one I remembered how well we liked the other and since I wasn't finding one that was KJV anyway I decided to order it.This book is set up like the last one, which would give you have a scripture reference to look up and read, then a short story with a few questions and thoughts to consider and a memory verse to read at the end. Now there are some topics covered that are sensitive in nature, they will have a note above the story to warn you, so you may want to read ahead of time if you use this with young children. I have been reading this one with my 8 and 10 year olds and we all enjoy it like we did with the first book.The stories are really good and usually consist of a situation/dialog between family or friends and they find a way to bring the scripture to use in these real life situations. Sometimes they don't quite seem to fit but with those you usually get an explanation within the story itself as you read. Overall its a really good devotional that we all enjoy, my 8 year old is sure to remind me each night about our reading if I don't get to it right after they brush their teeth!If your looking for a good devotional I would recommend this one just keep in mind, if your like me and use the KJV you will have to look up the memory verses and the stories that have scripture read in them use either part of the scripture you were to look up at the beginning or it will be the memory verse at the end.

  •     I have not started it yet I thumd though it and it is great for elementry school girls that what speacle time with God and a time to feel speacle

  •     I'm pretty busy. Last year entered 6th grade, and it was pretty nerve wracking. Luckily, it calmed down. But around Christmas, I was searching for things that I wanted on Amazon and saw this book. I put it on my wishlist and my great aunt gave it to me.The first couple of days, I tried to memorize the verses, but I soon gave that up. Even so, this book has good devotions that are both quick and meaningful. The Bible passages are just right, and each morning I get closer to God.If you want to get a good devotions book for girls up to 12, you need to get this book.

  •     Same as for the Devotionals for Teens…Girls as well as boys need to know they are loved and important to the Body of Christ… so I know I'll be buying more of these also…can't bet the price!!!

  •     good


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