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44 Animals of the Bible

Press: Master Books (September 4, 2014)
Publication Date:2014-9-4
Author Name:Nancy Johnson


God watches when the doe gives birth to her fawn. 
He makes the leopard swift to hunt its prey.
From the exotic ibex to the more commonly-known tortoise, these and the other wonderful creatures in this book will delight children and parents while they learn about the animals of the Bible.
Organized alphabetically, each entry focuses on a specific animal and includes a description and trivia.
This book inspires children with an interest in both Scripture and science.
Surveys a wide range of animals of the Bible Includes lovely full-color illustrations of all the animals Provides Scripture references for each entry


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  •     My kids the animals and see how the Bible relates to the things around us.

  •     This is an excellent book that is Biblically centered and based; it deserves more than five stars! It is not conjecture; it is factual! This beautifully illustrated and simply written hard-cover book deals with the reality of our world in regards to the animals that inhabit this planet. Parents and grandparents, as well as countless others, should have this book in their library to read to grandchildren and other little ones when they come over and spend time with you. An additional (companion) book to help guide children in deeper discussion, retention, comprehension, and application of each animal is "Cross Word: 44 Animals of the Bible," newly published independently and available for a nominal price.This book by Nancy Johnson and the accompanying crossword puzzle is also great for special needs children of differing ages, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School classes, Christian day-schools, Preschools, and Daycare centers, people of all ages with learning disabilities, etc. They can be used as bulletin and newsletter inserts, and they are wonderful for activity directors for activity sessions in care centers or nursing homes for the elderly and for those suffering memory issues. The elderly who were raised in the Christian faith and are Biblically-minded – even if they have failing memories – will find that this activity takes them back to their roots.Nancy Johnson has done a wonderful job, and likewise so has Lloyd Hight! God has truly blessed them with great talent in this area. I pray more will come forth in this venue from them.Parents – turn off the other media and open this book with your children and others. This is an investment for time and eternity that is worth its weight in gold! It will draw you into the Word of God. Besides, spending time in God's Word is priceless!

  •     our grandson loves it

  •     It is like Christmas everytime I open a package from New Leaf Publishing!! My kids try to beat each other to the door to grab the package so they can be the first to get the book. This one, like the Bug book, was a favorite of my boys. What surprised me more, though, was how captivating it was for my 1 and 3 year old and even held the attention of my 13 year old. More than once I found the book tucked under someone's math book as they were sneaking "reading" time when they were supposed to be working out math problems.Each of the animals (some ancient and extinct, some still alive) has a beautiful picture and great description of the animal and how it was used during biblical times. The importance of book like this for me is that it brings to life the Word of God. Makes things more understandable and real for my children. Now for the first time they can go to a book and see a colorful photo and full description of animals such as the asp when they run across the word in biblical text.This is a book that everyone needs.Thanks to the publisher for this wonderful review copy.

  •     About the Book:Each beautifully illustrated animal includes details to help clarify its meaning for children, important cultural information, and connections between the historic world of the Bible and our world today! God once told Job that animals are important to Him, and that they are a big part of His creation. God watches when the doe gives birth to her fawn. He makes the leopard swift to hunt its prey. He commands eagles to soar. Animals are important to God. He loves them and cares for them, and wants us to do the same. Many of the animals mentioned in the Bible are featured in 44 Animals of the Bible.About the Author:Nancy Johnson graduated with a B.A. from the University of Colorado, and continues to write and travel throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Lloyd R. Hight worked for various advertising agencies, designing several covers for RCA records, and developing a variety of projects for Master Books.My Review: Complete with scripture the publishers at Master Books have published a book to help your child get a visible image of 44 Animals of the Bible. Included in this book are several animals that are comparable to modern day animals but you will see a few you don't recognize. Such as an Asp, an Asp is a snake similar to a Cobra or a Gier a large bird similar to an Eagle.With each animals description is a short summary of how they were used during Bible times. Master Books works hard to bring to life each and every creation of God to life for our children. I always find their products God focused and that makes my heart sing. The author and illustrator have produced a lovely book geared for ages 4-8. The illustrations are colorful and each animal has one. The scripture and wording are simple enough for early elementary and of course, it is a great read-aloud for those unable to read. The price for this book is $9.99 for hardcover or $6.99 for downloadable version---if interested here is the link. Joshua enjoyed reading about "God's" animals!**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Master Books and my part on the Moms of Master Books Blogger Team.

  •     A delightful book for the grandchildren. They especially liked learning about the animals that were mentioned in the Bible and the verses they were from. It made a real life connection with them.

  •     Great book for kids and adults

  •     What a neat and sweet book. The 44 Animals of the Bible, was very fascinating. I did know most of the animals as did my children. But, there were a few that we did not know, such as an Asp. I had no idea it was in there, or, even what an Asp is!I was originally interested in 44 Animals of the Bible for my granddaughter to teach her.However, my 12 and 14 year old boys grabbed the book and ran off to read about the different animals. Very impressive.The only con is the red strip with the tiny writing for the scripture pointing to where the animal is found in God's word. Other than that. I loved it.I did receive a copy for review on my blog My MisMatched World, All thoughts are 100% my own!!!!


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