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God Hears My Prayers Too!

Press:A Tiny Book of Prayer for Little Ones

Press:Tate Publishing & Enterprises Tate Publishing (July 23, 2013)
Author Name:Knight Whittley, Karen


It is never too early to begin to understand, Where the clouds came from, and who made the sand, Who wakes us up in the morning and allows us to sleep each night, Who sends the drops of rain for us, and makes the moon shine bright. 
God Hears My Prayers Too! introduces little ones to their heavenly Father and the power of prayer.


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  •     God Hears My Prayers Too! is a very short book for young children that I found to be absolutely beautiful. It is a great way to teach children, not only the importance of prayer, but also, how to pray. Karen Knight Whittley writes a book that I, as an adult, will be reading to my little girl for a long time.If your looking for a book that helps children to pray, and makes it fun because it rhymes, this is that book.Happy Readings!!


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