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I Meet Jesus: He Tells Me I Love You

Press:He Tells Me \I Love You\""

Press:Paulist Press Paulist Press (October 2, 2014)
Author Name:Vanier, Jean


In the moving uncluttered language Jean Vanier tells us that the message of Christianity is quite simple, profound in its effect and capable of transforming our lives totally...Even if I Meet Jesus is firstly a children's book, it has instant appeal and application to adults. 
It can be used for meditation, for those who carry heavy burdens of heart of home, for parents, catechists and children of all ages.


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  •     A beautiful and simple expression of the Christian faith, from the title to the last page

  •     This book is ideal for children, yet good for adults too. Charming illustrations accompany the clear text outlining the faith in a very personal way. A comfortable small size, too.

  •     Useful for all christians--including protestant readers for getting to the heart of the gospel.Glad for the day the roman catholics hierarchy accepts the evangelical heart of God's Word openly, eloquently.

  •     A replacement for a copy I gave away. The quality of printing was actually better on this one.

  •     I used to read this to my young children and they enjoyed it very much. Lately I have been reading these stories to my mother-in-law who has dementia and she is very moved by the way the stories are written. We both get a little tear in our eye at times, as there is some focus on loneliness, helping others, feeling left out because of handicaps.A sweet book. Pages could certainly be used as a coloring book. The older editions were larger format which would make a larger coloring book.This book is geared to Catholic, but as a Orthodox Christian I just skip over some of the more Catholic pages and benefit from the tender holy spirit in which it is written and illustrated.

  •     I have given this book to four of my grandnieces and nephews as a memento for their First Eucharist. It is beautifully written, and perfect for young children to meet and love Jesus. I also gave it as a gift to a mentally challenged adult who absolutely treasures it. The book captures Jesus' Spirit and captures the young heart.

  •     I hope I can describe to you the "feel" of having this gentle and powerful book in your hands. (I have the paperback version.)It is the shape of the image Amazon has at the top of the book's home page, but bear in mind that it opens out into twice that width. Unlike most children books, it is over two hundred pages, so you can stand there holding it with both hands as you read, and feel a good "heft". It is a substantial book.Try browsing through some of the "Click to LOOK inside!" pages. As far as I can see, there will be that gentle font of text in your left hand (the even pages), with a page sized illustration in your right hand (the odd pages). Your best bet to see "typical" pages is the "Surprise me!" link -- then you should get examples of some really important messages, followed by a relevant and comforting picture.Okay, that explains what I find as I study this book. Yes, I am an adult, and I read a page or two until I find something important to think about and absorb.I also am interested in teaching children about God. And how does this book explain Jesus to children? By walking the reader through the process of needing to meet him, then meeting him, then getting to know him.I was raised Catholic, am Protestant now. The first two thirds of the book deal with Jesus, then the Gospel. The last third gets more into the church as Jesus creates it, starting with Peter.This was written by catholics and has an imprimatur. If you are Catholic, you can hand this to your children and have no problems. If not, you may need to walk/talk them through the mentions of things your denomination stays unfamiliar with, be it confession, or Mary, or the pope.As I said, I am Protestant, but have little trouble with the doctrinal differences. Your milage may vary, so I would recommend spending the $6.00 or so to get the book to look through it.A shame, in that these few pages can make the book be not exactly right for everyone, and I do think that this _kind_ of book really should be right for everyone.Highly recommended by me, at least. But take a few peeks at it in the "Click to LOOK inside!" control, see for yourself.


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