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The Case of the Gasping Garbage (Doyle and Fossey, Science Detectives)

Press: Sterling; 2 edition (July 7, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-7
Author Name:Torrey, Michele/ Newman, Barbara Johansen (ILT)


Doyle and Fossey are on a mission—a monster mission! It seems there’s a giant bloodsucking monster gasping and gurgling in their friend Gabby’s garbage can. 
Can they figure out what’s up before the creature gobbles Gabby for lunch? This and four more cool cases will have kids checking out the clues—and learning great science too, including facts about the life cycle of a frog and chromatography.

From Booklist

Move over, Einstein Anderson,.
You have competition.
Whether the "case" is a baker's unusually noisy garbage pail or a sudden wave of frog road kill, fifth-grade sleuths Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey are on the job.
Doyle and Fossey have competition of their own in classmate James Frisco, a "bad, mad" scientist who fudges his experiments.
Still, thanks to a combination of sharp observation, scientific method, careful thought, and decaf coffee ("Real scientists don't drink hot chocolate.
Ditto for detectives."), the good guys always win out.
Tongue firmly in cheek, Torrey bases the four problems and their solutions on basic, well-articulated scientific principles and techniques, reinforced by several related experiments or activities at the end to keep fans of this hardboiled series opener busy as they pine for the next installment.
A scattering of small ink-and-wash illustrations by Barbara Johansen Newman adds comic details.
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About the Author

Michele Torrey has a degree in microbiology and immunology. 
In addition to the Doyle & Fossey mysteries she has written many others books for young people.
Barbara Johansen Newman's work has been featured in national magazines, newspapers, calendars, cards and more than a dozen books for children.


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  •     Reading it now. The kids love it.

  •     Very good!!!

  •     You could give the whole series for 10$ it seems like a better deal,and more people would get it. People will be looking for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  •     My daughters love it. Great book with lots of fun science.

  •     My 8-year old son brought this book home from school yesterday for a reading assignment. I am shocked and appalled to read that in chapter 2, page 11, one of the main characters, a CHILD "scientist detective", requests: " Coffee. Decaf. Black." Then, on page 16, it says that the child was on their had 4th cup of decaf. This is completely unnecessary and irrelevant to the development of the character or the story, so I am puzzled as to why the author chose to write that in there. Children drinking coffee is not commonplace. I cannot in good conscience recommend this book to children. I understand that decaffeinated coffee contains less than 3 or 4 milligrams of coffee per 8-ounce cup and that most caffeinated sodas contain way more than that amount. I am more concerned that children reading this book will now wonder what it would be like to drink coffee, albeit decaf, and will be curious to "try" it because one of the main characters in the book, a cool science detective, drinks it. Once children have acquired a taste for decaf, they will want to try regular coffee and then possibly become addicted to it, as most of the population. Children drinking coffee may cause serious health concerns. I spoke the the school principal today and while she sounded sympathetic, she explained that this book was approved by the NYC Department of Education and that this public school will strictly follow the guidelines and curriculum set in place. It makes me wonder, what else they could try to sneak past us that would contain subjects which we, as parents, would not approve.

  •     Once again Michele! Artfully done. A wonderful children's book that is not only fun to read, but (gasp) you learn something too.Michele is an author you want your children to read. I've placed her on my Amazon notification list for each new published novel.

  •     Bought this for my nephew because it is a reading class requirement. The story line is good and kids will love it.

  •     great product great service

  •     Super great I read it in school love it


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