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UFO on the Rez: The Lighthouse Company (Volume 1)

Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 30, 2012)
Author Name:Hamel, Mike


Zack Fox has seen a UFO—and he has proof! But while hunting for more clues, he and JJ stumble on a young migrant worker hiding in the woods. 
The bloody and bruised boy needs help finding his missing uncle before the evil crew boss finds him! The Lighthouse Company meets in the basement of the Cape Myra lighthouse near the Makah Indian Reservation.
Captain Tyler’s grandson JJ leads TLC in solving mysteries, finding treasures and helping the town’s two-man police force.

About the Author

Mike Hamel lives in Colorado, a long way from the Pacific Ocean. 
He is the father of four grown children, the Papa of six grandchildren and the author of the Matterhorn the Brave series (MatterhornTheBrave.com).
He has also written several books for grownups available on Amazon.
He blogs at OPEN Mike, mikehamel.wordpress.com.


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  •     The best brand-new book series for kids? I'm voting early and often for Mike Hamel's delightful TLC books. Everyone in my household is too old or way too old to be reading these suspenseful, fast-paced adventures. But we couldn't help it. "Got to read 'em before we give them away to family and friends," of course. Highly recommended!

  •     A super fun series of family friendly adventures. I got my reading shy nephews hook on reading all of them. Highly recommend for boys who don't know they love to read yet.

  •     Mike spins a great yarn!"UFO on the Rez" sets the tone for all of his books in the series. His characters are interesting, his plots are imaginative, and there’s always a deeper layer in even his simplest stories.The Lighthouse Company books are well worth reading. You’ll find yourself recommending them to others.

  •     My 3rd grader is devouring this right now. Great series.


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