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Tale of the Witch Doll: A Penny Parker Mystery Story

Press: Resurrected Press (December 20, 2010)
Author Name:Wirt, Mildred A.


Penny Parker must solve the mysterious secrets behind some séances. 
But how will she help her friend Helene overcome a witch doll that won't disappear? And how is this connected to her friend Nellie's doll shop? Find out how Penny solves these puzzles and more in the Tale of the Witch Doll! This book is from the Penny Parker series by Mildred A.
Wirt, also known as ghostwriter Carolyn Keene, of the Nancy Drew series of books.


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  •     I bought this because it is written by the same author that wrote many of the Nancy Drew books (which are my favorites)!The story has similarities to other girl mystery stories of that time - plucky young girl without a mother, endearing housekeeper, father with helpful profession, etc. The mystery in this story was interesting and involved several settings with a dramatic ending. I really enjoyed it and have already bought the next 2 books in the series.I have deducted one star, however, because I was hoping that it would have illustrations like the Nancy Drew books do every couple chapters. Perhaps the original publications did, but the only artwork in this series is what you see on the cover. Inside is just a no-nonsense publication of the text. For the price and for the fact that they have revived a series that was out-of-print - I commend them!

  •     Story of long ago by the writer of Nancy Drew, better because it was free. If you like Nancy Drew stories you ll like this. Simple but fun.

  •     Pretty good but a little awkward at times. It almost seemed as if it were translated into English, or possibly self-published.

  •     Good quick read that stands the test of time. Reminded me of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries.

  •     Loved the Nancy Drew books when I was growing up. Noticed that the Penny Parker mysteries are written by the same author (she used the pseudonym Carolyn Keene when she wrote Nancy Drew). That piqued my curiosity about the Penny Parker mysteries. They are fun and clever mysteries. Penny is a very likeable amateur sleuth.

  •     great item

  •     Pretty good read

  •     The doll in this is definitely strange, but we loved the characters, dialogue and the overall mystery. If you loved Nancy Drew, get ready for a new Heroine!

  •     Loved this book! As a fan of Nancy Drew for decades I was excited to read a Wirt adventure with a new girl sleuth! It did not disappoint. I plan on reading all in the series.

  •     Meet Mildred A. Wirt -- except that, if you were ever a 10-year-old girl, you already know her. That's the real name of Carolyn Keene, the first and best author of the Nancy Drew novels. Two hundred million Nancy Drew books have been sold, and they're still popular more than 80 years later. About 10 years after the first Nancy Drew novel,The Secret Of The Old Clock, Wirt penned the first Penny Parker novel, Tale of the Witch Doll. Wirt said she preferred Penny Parker to Nancy Drew, and you will, too -- especially as the novel is free in the Kindle format.Penny Parker is a younger and more mischievous version of Nancy Drew. Like Nancy, Penny's blonde and pretty and talented; however, she's more realistic than the paragon Nancy Drew, and the novel's more humorous than the average Nancy Drew fare. Wirt had me hooked from the first few pages. In Penny Parker's debut, the high-school student stumbled across a mystery involving a professional dancer, a doll shop, and a nefarious con-artist medium.Too often, reviewers lambast novels for what they're not: Tale of the Witch Doll, published in 1939 won't have the hip sensibility or the grittier settings of today's YA mysteries. But a good mystery plot, a clever resolution -- if a bit melodramatic -- and a plucky girl detective can stand the test of decades, and Tale of the Witch Doll fits that bill admirably.

  •     Not that great. Even though you have to remember these were written in the 30s & 40s, it was just OK.

  •     This is a juvenile story: simple plot, simple solution.Don't think I'll read any more of this author. I prefer more complicated mysteries.

  •     In this, the first in the Penny Parker series by Mildred Wirt AKA Carolyn Keene (Nancy Drew), we learn that Penny and her friend Louise Sidell are sophomores at Riverview High. Wanting to pick up a doll for the Slocum's daughter, Penny and Louise are shocked to find that the Marble Doll Shoppe owned by twenty two year old Nellie Marble has been broken in to.A Mrs. Farmer offered Nellie $1,000 for her store before the break in and is still offering the same after it! Sound suspicious? Anthony Parker, Penny's dad is the owner and editor of the Riverview Star newspaper. Miss Helene Harmon is a performer at the local theatre. When the car that she is being driven in is pushed into the ditch, Penny and Louise give her a lift and receive tickets to watch her dance. Felice, the maid, seems a shifty character but is she really? When Miss Harmon receives a gift of a black witch doll she is very shocked. Who is it from? What does the note mean? In the meantime, Mrs. Weems the Parker's housekeeper, has attended a seance at the Great Osandra's when she "hears" from her cousin, Fred! Is the Great Osandra for real?Miss Harmon attempts to discard the witch doll but it always seems to come back! Where is poor Nellie? When Miss Harmon's jewels are stolen, is the culprit Osandra or is there something way more sinister going on? Can Penny solve the mystery?A little 'darker' than some of her other books, I did not enjoy this one as much but it is okay.

  •     Alas! It has been such a long time since I've had a book that was as good a read as this one. This is the first installment in the Penny Parker Mystery series, a young girl's detective series written my Mildred Wirt Benson, under her own name. She was the famous "Carolyn Keene" for the original Nancy Drew mystery stories that have appealed to generations of young readers. According to Mildred, she thought Penny Parker was more Nancy Drew than Nancy Drew. Being a huge fan of Nancy Drew, I don't quite think so. But, I thoroughly enjoyed venturing into this new detective series. It features an actress who comes into town who is traumatized by the recurring appearances of a Witch Doll that continually brings her bad luck. There is also a scandal involving a fortune teller and a poor girl who is trying to run her doll shop. Riverview is the Penny Parker equivalent of Nancy Drew's Riverheights and the the broken down blue "leaping lema" is the Penny Parker equivalent of Nancy Drew's blue roadster. These are more classic elements of the Nancy Drew detective stories are present throughout this mystery series and in short plain language, this book is so much fun to read! Penny has a fun repartee with her newspaper owner, Dad. And I just found myself being so happy reading this book. Now, I'm on to the next one in the series!

  •     I read the Nancy Drew books as a kid. This book was just as fun and intriguing. Penny Parker is definitely not Nancy Drew but it's a fun and quick read. Written in 1939, it may take a moment to get used to the slang of the time.

  •     I could not put it down such a riveting story! And yes she had more spunk than Nancy Drew! A book teenage readers will enjoy!


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