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Why Begins With W: A Lesson in Murder - Book One of the Time Capsule Murders

Press: WingSpan Press (November 2, 2009)
Author Name:De'lamet, Hamish; Ramon, Chandral;


Did the events in Why Begins With W really happen? Exactly when? And where is this Lynchburg? A real place, or a sly reference to the murder? Who is the Narrator in reality? You will walk down the hallway - with him or her - of what seems to be a typical American high school - and enter the very Soul of Murder. 
You will follow the clues to discover, in fact, Why Begins With W!


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  •     john lennon: in their own write, a loving tribute from his friends and fans I have never read such a clever book in a long time! I was entertained from the first sentence.What an intriguing concept for a mystery and suspense! And it's funny, too. It has all the elements that will keep you reading on. I never wanted the book to end and I can't wait for the sequel!This is a delicious, witty and intelligent must-read for any mystery or suspense fan of any age! Get it now! I highly recommend it.

  •     Imagine Humphrey Bogart as a sarcastic detective, but he's only 14 years old. Or maybe not! Maybe you should imagine Gina Carrano as a smart aleck 14 year old who won't put up with morons.This book is a mystery inside of a mystery: and when you get to the end, you'll want more, and it seems that a sequel just might be coming. The book takes you into high-school life the way it was in the 1990's and the way it is today and always has been.Except that in this high school murders are part of the curriculum.5 stars all the way!

  •     So many girls with four-letter names ending in -a, in a school where the narrator is not shy of calling out Hemingway for the lush that he was. Where a pig's formaldehyded kidney is not safe from a casual scalpel, and parents ought to be more careful of the contents of their medicine cabinets. This book is an engrossing read wherein troubling ideas lead to further troubling ideas, and wouldn't it be nice if it had really been as simple as the open-&-shut police case would suggest. The key (or one of the keys) to this page-turner is a casual reference to Arsenic and Old Lace, another comedy fashioned out of mourning-cloth. But there's no one to go down to Panama to dig a fresh lock for the canal . . . .

  •     This book was amazing! Great job "Unknown Author!"

  •     Who would have thought a novel of high school angst would appeal to someone of my baby boomer age? But, indeed, this is a fun story. The ample and arcane references to 1960's TV shows and cinema noir slang ages the author/s as well beyond high school too. Half the fun was identifying the allusions to American pop culture. But, it is a murder mystery, after all, and done quite well, with unexpected plot twists and an expanding list of victims worthy of Agatha Cristie herself. But why is the narrator so aggressively androgynous? Why so much homage to the original TV series, The Prisoner? Do we find out at the end of the book? That would be telling!

  •     Are you a mystery lover?Then this book is a must.You'll get a very fine lesson in murder!Shakespeare couldn't have done better:nothing is for certain, maybe even wrong.You are convinced about who murdered whom? Don't be so sure any more, things can change quickly, it depends on the point of view...Have you been a pupil once (or are you still one)?You will meet with memories (or actual reality as it is) and you will love it.Is it more dangerous to be a teacher in the intellectual grip of our hero or to be a janitor in this (or any) school??I would hesitate to answer...Enjoy this sparkling and shaking star in the firmament of crime!

  •     I couldn't put this book down. It is a great murder mystery. :) I can't wait to read the books.


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