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Santa Claus in Oz: New Adventures in Oz

Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 5, 2012)
Author Name:Capwell, Richard; Capwell, Richard;


Santa Claus arrives in the Emerald City, but he's in trouble and needs help. 
Eight-year-old Button-Bright joins Santa on a secret mission throughout Oz, encountering magic, mystery and danger at every stop.
Meanwhile, the little Wizard and his apprentice, beautiful Iliana, delve into the dark history of the Land of Oz.
Fully illustrated by the author.


Children's Books,Mysteries & Detectives,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy & Magic

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  •     Great story!

  •     My 5year old granddaughter loved it

  •     Santa Claus in Oz is the second Oz book from Richard Capwell, and a delightful addition to the writings on the magical land of Oz first described in the books written over 100 years ago by L. Frank Baum. His first Oz book issued earlier this year was called The Red Gorilla of Oz. While this Santa Claus book takes place a little over a year after Red Gorilla ends, it can be read on its own.The story starts with Santa Claus visiting Ozma's palace in the Emerald City. Santa tells Ozma that he is dying because the fairy-made Cloak of Immortality he wears is falling apart. He hopes that she, being a fairy, can help. The only clue they have is mysterious message and a magical compass devised by two long-gone manufacturers named Smith & Tinker, famous in the L. Frank Baum novels for creating the clockwork man Tik-Tok.Santa asks Button Bright, another Baum character who is the perennial careless youth, to help him on a quest that takes them all over Oz. Meanwhile, the Wizard of Oz, assisted by the moonbeam fairy Iliana, is intrigued by a jar of keys left by Smith & Tinker in the Emerald City and starts to delve into Oz's ancient history.Capwell has written another exciting adventure that skillfully weaves Oz's past lore into a marvelous new adventure. Glinda's secret past, hinted at in The Red Gorilla of Oz is revealed as the quests of Santa and the Wizard merge in a thrilling conclusion.Illustrated with very simple line drawings by the author, this is a book that pleased me as an avid reader of Ozianic literature. I am not sure it will do well with those unfamiliar with Baum's writings.

  •     Really enjoyed this. Santa needs Button Bright's help to save Christmas and himself. The two travel around Oz trying to find out why his reindeer are disappearing.

  •     Richard Cap[well has created another fun and exciting adventure set in the Land of Oz.This time, Button Bright overhears Santa telling Ozma he's dying.

  •     this is a fabulous adventure story..Richard has so much imagination, and his abilility to put his imagination into words is uncanny..the story takes the reader from one quest to the next, using the memorable and love able characters of Oz..It is fantasy, mysterious, and funny..the kind of book that is hard to put down until the surprising ending..A must read..

  •     Santa Claus of OzAnother “Bravo!” to the continuation of The Red Gorilla of Oz book. The Richard Capwell once again captivates the magic of Baum’s work with the writing style which keeps his spirit alive. First I thought this was going to be about a book on Christmas, Elves, and presents. That’s not a bad thing but this couldn’t be further than the truth. When I first read the title, I was intrigued that Santa made it in the Land of Oz. In this story, it was nice to see Button Bright take the stage. Sorry I can’t reveal too much. This book entails of numerous puzzles and problem solving which makes reading pretty enjoyable. What made it fun was the picture clues throughout the book. This made it more exciting and made you feel like you were part of the adventure. One of my favorite additions was a new flying character with a mysterious history. The story runs in a nice steady pace with turns and surprises which I always look for in a book. But one thing I do have to share is that - be ready for a big surprise! This story takes a sharp turn with one of the beloved characters. Personally, I love that fact that the author took a risky chance to reveal such a shocking background but this is what I love about this book. With beautiful but simple illustrations at the beginning of each chapter and the solid story line that kept me reading, I’d put this book in my top favorites. Richard Capwell truly knows how to tell a great story through Baum’s eyes.

  •     One of my favorite movies of all time is the Wizard of Oz. It could even be called an obsession. I've seen the movie so many times that I can tell you what they will say before...


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