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The Lockview Logans: Fire One

Press: iUniverse (May 11, 2012)
Author Name:Norman, C. S.


After Tori Logan and her sister, Mackenzie, witness a suspicious fire across the street from their house, their neighborhood is transformed into a crime scene. 
Worried about their daughters' safety, their parents ship the girls off to their grandparents' cottage in a charming village where they hope they will be out of harm's way for the remainder of the summer.
But little do they know that Tori and Mackenzie are about to once again be immersed into the midst of a dangerous investigation.
The sisters are thrilled when they are joined by their cousins, Jack, Philip, and Rip.
But it is not long before the quintet ironically discovers another fire scene-this time in uptown Lockview.
After beginning their own investigation to determine who is responsible for setting the fire, the Logan kids soon realize they have few clues, but an entire guilty-until-proven-innocent cast of townspeople.
From the scary man who hangs out at the town diner to the disgusting video store owner to the librarian, butcher, mayor, pastor, and even their grandpa, the cousins have no shortage of suspects.
In this suspenseful tale, five kids on a search for a crazy arsonist with a little help from their elders quickly discover that things-and people-are not always what they seem.


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  •     Excellent book for those that are young or for those that are young at heart. The author does a great job of winding an interesting tale of mystery and intrigue regarding the fires while mixing funny happenings in the summer life of five children vacationing and growing up in cottage country. Can't wait for the next novel.

  •     I purchased the book for my nieces, but I read it before I gave it to them, and I was glad I did! I laughed out loud at some of C.S. Norman's humor. Her writing vividly described characters and settings, and the dialog was so genuine I could imagine people in her family saying it. Though the book is set in Canada, the references are not so frequent or obscure that American readers cannot understand them or relate to what is described; for example, instead of northern Ontario, I could picture lakes my extended family frequented in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. The plot took hold of me and kept me turning the pages, even across chapters when I might otherwise have wanted to go to sleep. This book at least appears to wrap up its major storyline, but it also hooks you and leaves you wanting the next one, which I understand is already underway.


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