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The Mystery of the Silver Statue

Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 1, 2011)
Author Name:Perkins Jr, MR Raymond C.; Perkins, Stephanie L. C.;


    Follow the adventures of young sleuths B.T. 
Stevens and Jimmy Martin as they solve what is actually a real-life mystery of Colonial History.
struggles with a serious disability and learns to appreciate his own strengths through the adventure and thanks to enduring friendships and strong family ties.
Beyond being a charming work of fiction,The Mystery of the Silver Statue is also a valuable tool for discussion on both Colonial American History as well as the importance of self worth.
 The Mystery of the Silver Statue is an amazing story for young readers! It includes heroic deeds, the search for buried treasure, and lessons on overcoming real-life struggles.
Even reluctant readers love it.
It's fast-paced, exciting, and its lessons are priceless.
One recent reader is quoted as saying, "It's better than Harry Potter!"


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  •     I just finished The Mystery of The Silver Statue by Ray Perkins It filled me with nostalgia for the days before cell phones and laptops when the smell of ink from my pen was the best thing in the world. It brought me back to the days of the Hardy Boys and Harriet the Spy. This is a great read for young ages, especially young Vermont readers as the story is about an old Abenaki legend.

  •     Ray Perkins was my middle school social studies teacher. He is very creative in using local places in his writing. His own experiences with his son also contribute a great deal to this wonderful story of 2 boys.

  •     My 3rd and 4th graders were on the ends of their seats, listening to the adventures of these two Vermont boys. Woven into the adventure were Vt. history facts and events of our past that were intriguing and fun. Can't wait for the sequel!!

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