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The Case of the Stolen Twins

Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 8, 2011)
Author Name:Knotts, Joe


Kids, parents, older adults:  Add mystery to your day!  Our young sleuth, Mary Small, and her cousin and best friend, Amy Small, who is two years older, take on deceitful adults in this twin full mystery. 
First, while at the zoo where Mary's older sister, Kristen is left in charge of Mary's twin baby brothers, the twins disappear and are presumed kidnapped.
While Mary is at the zoo helping search for the twins, her pet twin rabbits, Tootsie and Pops, are stolen from her backyard at their country home.
Comlicating events, sometime after a tour given by Mary and Amy at Ben's Ceramic Studio, a valuable pair of exquisite porcelain twin cats are stolen from the studio.
Ben, Amy's Dad, a well-respected ceramic artist, is at a loss as to who would steal them, or how the intruder obtained entry when there was no forced entry and nothing else was stolen or even broken.
What is going on? Why? Will our young sleuth, Mary, and her cousin, Amy, be able to solve the mystery before any twins are hurt? "I absolutely loved this book!!! The subtle connections between the kidnappings and the characters were amazing.
the suspense gave me the chills, and kept me page turning at full speed." Noelle Goodenberger "This book was awesome! It made me want to keep reading and reading!" Kaylee Aalbers "A fun story with great twists and turns.
Well done!" Julie Powers "It was a really good book! This story drew me in.
I can't wait to read another." Abigail Harris "A warm story with plot and characters both young readers and seniors will enjoy." Dorothy Brooks, a senior citizen


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