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Circle of Fire (Mysteries Through Time)

Press: Skyview Books (January 1, 2009)
Author Name:Coleman, Evelyn


Mendy, a 12-year-old-girl in 1958 Tennessee, must find a way to warn officials about the KKK's plan to bomb the school during a speech.

About the Author

Evelyn Coleman's books include "To Be a Drum", "White Socks Only", "The Riches of Oseola McCarty", a Smithsonian Notable Book and a Carter G. 
Woodson Honor Book, and "Born in Sin".
Coleman lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where she received the Atlanta Mayor's fellowship for achievement in children's literature.
Visit Evelyn online at evelyncoleman.com.


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  •     Mendy Thompson, a very brave 12 year old girl, who has two sisters and four brothers, is forced to stay home by her mother over the summer of 1958 with her little brother. She amuses herself by going to visit her favorite place; her Taj Majal, which is a clearing in the woods she is not allowed to go to. Because she is black, and her best friend Jeffrey is white they are no longer allowed to see each other. When Mendy realizes tesspassers are coming to the Taj Mahal, she sets a trap to try to stop them. She and Jeffrey meet each other secretly, and she tells him about the tresspassers. Jeffrey says it is the Klu Klux Klan, a group who does not like people who are different from them, anyone who is not white or Christian, which makes Mendy very scared. Together, they must figure out who is in the KKK before the group destroys an event Mendy has really been looking forward to. I liked Aunt Sis, an elderly black woman, because she was so loving towards Mendy like when she would welcome her into her house and listen to her problems. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes exciting books. It was suspensful like when Mendy and Jeffrey saw the KKK meeting in her Taj Mahal.

  •     The is an exciting story of a girl named Mendy, and her best friend, a boy name Jeffrey. Basically, this is a story of social/racial tension, and an unaccepted friendship. One of the best of the American Girl History Mysteries.

  •     The History Mystery Circle of Fire, takes place in 1950?s Tennessee, during the times of segregation when great changes for African Americans. The central character in the story is a twelve-year-old African American girl named Mendy, who has discovered a secret clearing she had named, the Tahj Mahal after a beautiful place in India. But one day, she discovers her secret clearing, littered with beer bottle, cigars and cigarette butts. She is convinced that they are trespassers. Mendy is determined to find out who the trespassers are and how to scare them off, so she sets a trap and uses her bowie knife lure them into her trap. Unfortunate the trespassers knew it was a trap and they killed her tamed rabbit, Mr. Hare. Strangely, the trespassers left her rabbit in a bundle with a strange red symbol on it. She asks her Aunt Sis is she had seen anything strange occurring in the woods. Fortunately, Aunt Sis informs Mendy that a group of hateful men called the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) are planning to bomb the Highlander School where Eleanor Roosevelt, Mendy?s role model, will be reciting a speech. Mendy?s mother forbids her to ever go to the Highlander school because she feels that some dangerous and racist events take place, which is true, but Mendy is looking forward to hearing Mrs. Roosevelt?s speech, and does everything she can to stop the Klan.The reason why the KKK is planning on bombing the Highlander School is because a friend of Mendy?s father who is white owns it. He allows blacks and whites to swim together, eat together, and do other things in the same place. Mendy is determined to find out that is in the KKK, with the help of her best friend Jeffery. Mendy?s mother forbids her to spend time with Jeffery, but they secretly spy on the Klan and try to find out what their plan is. She is strong-minded to warn Mrs. Roosevelt. When the police found out about the Klan?s horrendous plot, they foiled the plot and disrupted Mrs. Roosevelt?s visit. I liked this story very much. I liked how most of the events were based on true incidents. I learned a lot about the racist and prejudice activity that occurred for African Americans during the 1950?s. This book was exciting, historical, thrilling, and adventurous. As I read, this story gave me some information about what the times were like for African Americans in the 1950?s.

  •     I like all of the books in this series but others more than this one.

  •     Mendy is a twelve-year-old African American girl living in rural Tennessee in the late 1950's. She is an admirer of Eleanor Roosevelt and is thrilled when her father tells her that Mrs. Roosevelt is coming to visit the Highlander School, which is located only a few miles away. Soon, however, she discovers that the men that have been meeting in her favorite clearing in the nearby woods belong to the Ku Klux Klan and are planning an attack on Mrs. Roosevelt when she appears at Highlander. Mendy feels she must do something to prevent the attack, but what can she do? Will she get herself in danger?This story is based on a real incident and conveys a small taste of the violence, hatred and fear inspired by the KKK. As a piece of literature, it is not quite up to the standard set by such things as the Harry Potter books. Nevertheless, this book gives young readers experience of a genuine American historical setting while also providing a positive role model and some insight into the evils of bigotry and racial discrimination. It is another solid entry in the "History Mystery" series and my daughter and I both enjoyed it together. We recommend it.

  •     The "circle of Fire" was a scary book. It made me feel sad for the girl named Mendy too. It seemed like she had a lot of tough times. This book was scary because of the things that are happening in Mendy's life. That is why this book is scary!This book is about a girl named Mendy. Mendy has a secret place that she likes very much. But then she finds out there are people that come to her secret place. Now she needs to stop these people before they do something terrible! This was a good book and I think you should read it!


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