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The Furry Disco

Press: iUniverse, Inc. (April 18, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-4
Author Name:Kearley, Jo


There was a skirmish at the door. 
Sharon and Scheherazade, the absentee guinea pigs, came rushing (or rather scooting) across the floor.
Sharon, a black satin piggie resembling an eggplant, had greenery dripping from the corners of her mouth.
Scheherazade, the more glamorous of the two, long-haired and streaked blonde, might have escaped the detection of guilt except for her overwhelming chlorophyll breath when she mumbled, 'Hi.' Welcome to the world of The Furry Disco.
Cat DJ with twitching whiskers and swaying hips! Parrot walking cross-country ski style through applesauce! Freudian-esque therapy sessions with Schnauzer Dr.
Von Sigmund! A dash of Mafia and a moral or two Set in the 1970s, this novella reflects a microcosm of society-a modern day fable of the foibles of human nature.
From philosophers to insouciants, from the astute to the naïve, it delves into the timeless theme of greed and its resultant metamorphoses.
It is meant to amuse as well as act as parable.
The tale is replete with puns, double entendres, and juicy, high-powered vocabulary.
The inter-species alliances and discord provide a romp through the workings of the critters' minds and accentuate the author's love for her characters.


Children's Books,Mysteries & Detectives,Action & Adventure,Animals

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  •     If you like puns and double entendres, this book is for you. Guinea pigs in corn rows (getting pedipaw beauty treatments, no less!), a raccoon mafia with Sherlock hounds in close pursuit - animals of all species in riotous action at the Furry Disco. Both my daughters giggled their way through this book! The glossary is a big help for both vocabulary and cultural references. The line drawings are wonderful; the picture of Ms. Rat hanging from her ladder my favorite. Highly recommended for those who appreciate quick wit!

  •     The Furry Disco was given to me as a gift and languished on a shelf unread for quite some time until I picked it up during a rainy afternoon. What an utterly delightful and impish saga of some memorable animal personalities and their foibles. With rich imagery, vocabulary and humor, this book brought a smile to my face and a self-inflicted kick to my shin for not having read it earlier. You will enjoy it greatly too!

  •     This book was recommended for improving the vocabulary of my child. My daughter who is in 5th grade was highly engaged in the story and motivated to understand all of the words. Although the book is meant for teaching older students, the story of animals interacting at a disco was inspiring for my child. A definite must-read!


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