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Cowboy Slim


Press: Charlesbridge (February 1, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-4
Author Name:Danneberg, Julie; Apple, Margot


A cowboy poet who can't rope, whip, or ride? who ever heard of that? Slim knows he could be a real cowboy if the ranch hands would just give him a chance. 
Action-filled drawings capture the excitement of a cattle run to Dodge City.

From Booklist

In Danneberg's Cowboy Slim, the newcomer at the WJ Ranch confesses that he longs to be "a real cowboy," but inspired by the sights, scents, and sounds around him, Slim finds himself writing poetry instead. 
Although he tries to perfect more practical skills, his fellow cowboys must rescue him from one disaster after another.
They learn the power of poetry, though, when the herd stampedes and Slim saves the day.
Proving that poetic language doesn't have to be flowery, the well-chosen words of the narrative read aloud beautifully.
Apple's detailed pencil drawings, washed with watercolors in desert tones, create a pleasing setting and a distinctive cast of characters; the cattle express emotions effectively.
A droll tribute to the long tradition of cowboy poets, this will please any young tenderfoot who feels the call of the range.
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About the Author

Julie Danneberg is the author of several books for children, including FIRST DAY JITTERS, FIRST YEAR LETTERS, LAST DAY BLUES, COWBOY SLIM, and FAMILY REMINDERS. 
She lives in Denver, Colorado.


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  •     With Julie Danneberg's writing, and Margot Apple's illustrations, Cowboy Slim is a fun and inventive book of cowboy poetry. Page after page, children will laugh wildly as Cowboy Slim rhymes and jokes about the good ol' west and all of the excursions he embarks upon with his dogies and horse. Danneburg's story is the perfect companion to the pictures which Apple breathes life into the story with. Equipped with a glossary of Buckaroo Banter, Cowboy Slim is a delightful recommendation for all children, especially those just beginning to read.

  •     Learn about life on the open range and "buckaroo banter" while enjoying the story of an aspiring cowboy who can't do anything right. The other cowboys and cowgals tease him for his love of poetry. But in the end, his knack for calming the cattle comes in handy. Celebrates difference without being preachy. Excellent watercolor and pencil illustrations. The prose is very engaging. "Although the dust stung his eyes and the whittle-whangin' of the bawlin' cattle tried his patience, the clip-clop rhytm of the ride started tappin' itself into a poem in Slim's mind." So if you have children or students who enjoy Western tales, "jiggle your spurs" (hurry up) and order this book.

  •     My kids and I enjoyed this book about a cowboy who doesn't quite fit in until he discovers a use for his talent. The words lend themselves to an accent so well, it's almost impossible to read without one. A great story about cowboy life for the young buckaroos.

  •     This is my absolute favorite book I read to my children!!! I got on today to find out what other books Julie has authored and plan to buy a few. I love her writing. If you have a child who loves cowboys this is a MUST

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