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Once I Ate a Pie

Press: HarperCollins; Reprint edition (February 23, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-3
Author Name:MacLachlan, Patricia; Charest, Emily MacLachlan; Schneider, Katy


It's a dog's life!Every dog has a tail to wag . 
and a tale to tell.
Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan Charest asked a collection of canines to speak up—and so they do, in words, barks, and yips.
Captured here are accounts of happy days filled with squeaky toys, good smells, plenty of naps, and the very important jobs they do for the people they love to love.

From Booklist

Dogs of all sizes and shapes take center stage in this picture book by the authors and illustrator whose first collaboration, Painting the Wind (2003), also displayed an affinity for the canines among us.
Each spread features a dog (or two or three) and a succinct poem written from the canine perspective.
Presented in a variety of fonts and type sizes that reinforce the meaning of the words, the poems offer odes to the various pleasures of life--sleeping in the sun and chasing balls--many of which aren't limited to dogs.
One animal offers a tribute to his own needle-shaped nose: "If something is closed, I open it.
/ If it is perfect, I tear it apart.
/ I love my work.
/ I love my nose." Dominated by multiple shades of brown and gray, the book's palette is not wildly colorful, but the paintings capture the individuality of each animal, as well as the mischief and movement young dog lovers find so irresistible.
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--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

About the Author

Patricia MacLachlan is the celebrated author of many timeless books for young readers, including Sarah, Plain and Tall, winner of the Newbery Medal. 
Her novels for young readers include Arthur, For the Very First Time; The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt; Skylark; Caleb’s Story; More Perfect than the Moon; Grandfather’s Dance; Word After Word After Word; Kindred Souls; and The Truth of Me; she is also the author of countless beloved picture books, a number of which she cowrote with her daughter, Emily.
Katy Schneider lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, with her husband, Dave, and three children, Olive, Mae, and Ellis.
She is the illustrator of Painting the Wind and Once I Ate a Pie and exhibits her paintings nationwide.Emily MacLachlan Charest lives with her husband, her children, Sofia and Nicholas, two dogs, and one oversized cat, Romeo, who thinks he's a dog.
She works with young children.
She is the coauthor of Bittle, Painting the Wind, Once I Ate a Pie, and other books.
She lives in Massachusetts.


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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     Along with Carl & Biscuit the dogs in this book are just too special to ignore. I currently work in the children's Dept. of a bookstore chain(& love dogs). When this title came in I had to look read it and make my co-workers look at it too. I have also noticed that it gets moved around quite a bit so people must be interested enough by the cover & subject to pick it up and look through it. When it comes out in 'paperback' it will fly off the shelves. It is just beautiful and so accurate for pups personalities. Love the 'poetry' rather than story line. I have told my people friends about what a cool book it is. It should be sold in pet stores & grooming shops and recommended by Veternarians etc. I'd like to see it sold in the 'pets' section of the store as well. A big THANK YOU to Patricia MacLachlan for this heartwarming collection.

  •     Poems from the mouths of dogs. An hilarious children's poetry book. The illustrations are delightful.

  •     Wonderful children's book. My great niece, who is three, likes it even more than I do. It is too often cataloged in libraries in the poetry section.

  •     I love the idea of poetry being told from a dog's point of view! I really like the illustrations. They are so realistic and they really capture the feeling of the dogs.

  •     Once I Ate a Pie is a true delight. The illustrations are soft and warm and you just want to reach out and scratch one of the dog's heads. This was on display at my local library and I bought two copies - one for me, a dedicated dog lover, and one as a baby shower gift. I try to build up the book collections of kids in my life and what better way to start than at birth?

  •     Great book, thank you!

  •     I actually gave this to adult friends of ours before any of us had kids. It's gorgeous. I'm hugely in favor of real poetry for children, given how much children's literature is...

  •     Perfect for teaching voice to students!

  •     You won't forget this fun book.

  •     My 4-year old nephew was terrified of dogs, so for his birthday I sent him this book that my kids just loved. It has some nice poetry about several dogs' stories and some lovely pictures of dogs doing cute things. The text is not so saccharine that a parent can't read it. He called me several days after his birthday to thank me for the "dog that steals butter and eats pie." He thinks he's ready to meet some small dogs now. One day I hope he'll be ready to meet my very large dog.

  •     Saw the book in a grade school and fell in love with it. So sweet, touching, and perfectly dog. Amazon shipping and book price superb!

  •     My son enjoyed this book

  •     Ever wondered what your dog was thinking? Snap your fingers and appreciate the lyricism in fourteen poems that reveal the inner thoughts of a wide array of loveable dogs. Once I Ate a Pie explores the viewpoints of various dogs in the form of free verse poems, accompanied with adorable and realistic oil paint illustrations that capture the essence of each dog. The little ones will love the cute pictures and creative usage of font, but will probably not appreciate the poetry until they are older.I always feel pretty stupid reading poetry out loud unless it's silly rhymes like Dr. Seuss, but the creative usage of words, fonts, shapes, and spaces encourages some interpretive readings like imitating a dog as you "BARK! BARK! BARK!"I'll be honest and tell you that the only reason why I bought this book was because of the cover, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I found inside. Dog lovers will especially love this book but beware, your little ones' dog cravings may intensify after reading this book.

  •     Absolutely delightful book! We love the personalities of each dog and enjoy the illustrations. This book has been read and reread many times in our home.

  •     Absolutely delightful book! This 70.year old kid couldn't put it down. My nephew will LOVE IT!!

  •     {My Thoughts} – This a a neat little poetry like book about dogs. The short little poems describe each of the dogs.


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