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Hour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House)

Press: Fitzgerald Books (January 2007)
Author Name:Osborne, Mary Pope/ Murdocca, Sal (ILT)


Jack and Annie are off on another adventure! This time they are sent toancient Greece, where a very important event is taking place. 
Join them as theyrace against time and witness the very first Olympic games!

From the Back Cover

The authors have an astonishing track record for inspiring readersHighly acclaimed by parents, teachers, and especially kids, these books have an astonishing track record for inspiring readersHighly acclaimed by parents, teachers, and especially kids, these books havean astonishing track record for inspiring readers. 
With their strongcharacters, imaginative plots, and just the right dose of history or science,it's no wonder kids love Magic Tree House books.

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About the Author

*  Mary Pope Osborne grew up in the military, and by the time she was fifteen had lived in Oklahoma, Austria, Florida and four different army posts in Virginia and North Carolina. 
* After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the early 1970's, Mary traveled all over Europe, and spent the first six weeks of her trip living in a cave on the island of Crete.  She then joined up with a group of European young people and traveled in rickety vans through sixteen Asian countries, including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal.
* She was a bartender, an acting teacher, a waitress, a travel agent, a window dresser, and a medical assistant -- all before becoming an author!  Now she is the author of many highly acclaimed picture books, early chapter books, middle-grade biographies, and young adult novels.
* In February 1993, Mary was elected the 27th president of the Author's Guild, the oldest, most established organization for writers in the United States.
* Mary her husband Will spilt their time between an apartment in Greenwich Village, New York and a cabin in Pennsylvania.  They own a terrier named Bailey, who sleeps on the top of Mary's desk every day while she writes!  

--This text refers to an alternate Library Binding edition.


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  •     The first person to review this book said that it included an erroneous fact that women were indeed allowed to participate in the ancient Olympics. Actually, at first women were not permitted to participate, nor were they allowed to be spectators until the 2nd century A.D. They did, however, have their own festival at Olympia called the Heraia with the only sporting event being a short race. In Sparta, a state in southern ancient Greece, girls were encouraged to take part in sports and games (Olympics, Oxlade and Ballheimer; Eyewitness Books, 1999). So, the information provided in this book is actually factual.

  •     perfect gift

  •     I loved it and the students liked it too.

  •     My son loved this book. Magic Tree House is one of the best chapter book series. As a parent, I can trust that each book will have something very educational, free of bad...

  •     good

  •     Great book!

  •     "Hour Of The Olympics" is good because of the ways you learn about the Olympics, and the Olympic events, plus the legend of Pegasus, the flying horse. So amazing, I almost applauded so loud my neighborhood could hear me. Trust me, you can't miss out on this one.

  •     My students love these adventures!

  •     This was a really good book. My daughter loves magic tree house books and the adventures she gets to go on with Jack and Annie.

  •     Stories are written for kids to love! My daughter cant put the book down once she starts reading it. We are working on getting the entire series.

  •     Magic Tree House speaks for itself.

  •     good

  •     The last Magic Tree House that I read was Hour of the Olympics. I liked it because it had a lot of interesting facts about the early olympics. I thought it was funny that some people wore armor when they ran in races! I suggest that you read this book!

  •     These Magic Tree House books are a lovely way for children to learn a bit about history, but in a fun story format.In this book, Annie and Jack go back to Ancient Greece and get caught up in the Olympics. Initially, unmarried women were not allowed to watch the men's Olympic Games. Annie needs to make sure she is not discovered and when things get a bit tricky, Pegasus comes to Annie's and Jack's rescue.Don't forget theMagic Tree House Fact Tracker #10: Ancient Greece and the Olympics: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #16: Hour of the Olympicsbook which goes hand-in-hand with this book and provides more historical information on Ancient Greece. Another book that also provides historical information on the Olympic Games in a fun time travel manner is theThe Olympic Adventure: Magic Necklace Series (Volume 1)

  •     My son, nephews, and nieces have all enjoyed this series. When I began reading with each child they were barely able to read a chapter without getting frustrated and pushed to try new words. Then by the time they reached the tenth book in the series they were all flying through with ease. This series is a wonderful introduction to fantasy and critical thinking.

  •     This is one of the best books I have ever read (and I have all of them!) The coolest part is when Jack and Annie leaped on the horse for a ride to the treehouse where they were safe and sound! I like your books so much that I gave them to my friends as birthday presents, and now they enjoy them too! I hope you keep on writing!

  •     The book you are going to read about is called Hour of the Olympics. Mary Pope Osborne wrote it and she is a great writer. This story is about the first Olympic game. The two main characters are named Jack and Annie. This book comes from a series of books, so this is only one adventure. The problem in this story is that Jack and Annie are at the first Olympics and no girls are allowed. Annie sneaks in and gets caught. Can Jack get her out of this mess? To find out you will have to read Hour of the Olympics.

  •     Love it. Kids enjoy reading the magic tree house books


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