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The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses (Aladdin Native Americans)

Press: Fitzgerald Books (January 2007)
Author Name:Goble, Paul


Though she is fond of her people, a girl prefers to live among the wild horses where she is truly happy and free.

From School Library Journal

PreSchool-Grade 2-Paul Goble's beautifully-told, Caldecott Award-winning  book (S&S, 1978) receives a fine treatment in this book and tape  set. 
It is the tale of a Native American girl whose tribe follows the buffalo.
She tends the horses, and grows to love them so much that eventually she joins them.
Accompanied by Native American music, the story is clearly and lovingly read by Lance White Magpie, and sound effects help bring it to life.
One side of the tape includes page-turn signals, while the other does not.
Audio quality is excellent.
This would make a good listening center for units on Native Americans, art, or horses.Teresa Bateman, Brigadoon Elementary School, Federal Way, WA Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From AudioFile

In Paul Goble's Caldecott-winning story, tending to the horses is the special pleasure of one young girl in the village. 
Her skills are unsurpassed, and people take notice.
When a violent thunderstorm crazes the herd, both it and the girl travel to new destinations.
As narrator, Lance White Magpie sets an expectant tone, as it appears that the horses will change the girl's life.
Finally, his voice becomes one of confidence and satisfaction when the young girl finds her place beside the spotted stallion.
Gentle music surrounds the story.
Chants and songs from Sioux and Navaho traditions complete the recording.
2002 Audie Award Finalist © AudioFile 2003, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     This was a gift for a 6 year old neice. I was a little concerned when I read the description and comments about the story line. However, I read it when it arrived; the story is excellent and done in a child friendly way.

  •     Great story - lovely art!

  •     Gave this to my granddaughter for her birthday--she loves it.

  •     "The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses" won the Caldecott Award in 1978, the most prestigious award for children's illustrated books. As a children's librarian, I am always curious when I first open a Caldecott winner to see if I can readily identify why the book won the award.Paul Goble is certainly an artist who sees beauty. He sets his story in the days of the Native American ascendancy on the plains. He renders nature in plentitude and colors the most beautiful black I have ever seen. In this Native American fairy tale a horrible black storm sweeps across the plains, frightening the horses into a stampede, carrying the older girl with them. She is what we would now call a horse whisperer.In the night scene Goble depicts the black of the sky with stars and moon and the black of the high mountains in two shades of black. The horses, outlined in white against the mountains, look like gouache. The scene is stunning.Goble goes on to have the girl meet a spotted wild stallion, who accepts her and the horses into his herd. By the end of this lovely fantasy, she has become a horse and the stallion's mate. The verdant flowers and rocks and pairings of five sets of animals match the horse pairing. It could happen in a fairy tale.This story would appeal to any child with a strong artistic sense. Goble paints so much into his story that the visual story can almost stand alone. I know children who would love to "find" all the extras included in the scenery. The artwork is truly extraordinary. This book is highly recommended for ages 5 and up.

  •     Beautiful illustrations but story took a little bit of a strange and unexpected turn in my opinion. The part about bringing her parents a colt each year as a gift I thought was a...

  •     Excellent

  •     This is a very interesting tale. Beautiful illustrations and colors.

  •     My daughter loves this story and the illustrations are beautiful

  •     Amazing! The story is unique but still carries a classic children's book lesson. The artwork has brilliant depictions of the story that will cause strong emotions within the reader and draws them deeper into the story.Or at least that's how I feel about this book.I first read this book when I was a young child. It was one of the first books I could read on my own and I will never forget the feelings it created, it truly gave me a passion for reading.And I'm not ashamed that 27 years old I still go back and read this book from time to time. Or just to look at the artwork and get inspiration for my own writing.I just bought this book for my cousin's baby shower gift. I knew it wasn't the normal type of gift for the situation but when I thought back on the things that meant the most to me when I was growing up this book came to mind, and as much as it is a book for older children I thought it would be a great book for her to read to her little girl and hopefully help her to learn to read someday.If you're looking for a book for young girl I highly recommend this whether she has a passion for horses or not. This book is truly amazing and hopefully, like me, it will inspire her.

  •     Beautiful illustrations! Great book.

  •     I love this book, but it was listed as a hardcover and when it arrived today, it was definitely paperback.

  •     If you know a girl who loves horses, I highly recommend this book about a Plains Indian girl who literally leaves her world to live among wild horses. The narrative is compelling to anyone who loves horses, and between the narration and the beautiful graphic-style illustrations, an enchanting horse world is created. Even though the book won the 1978 Caldecott, this book is timeless and should be on every horse lover's shelf. In fact, I received my first copy of it as a birthday gift from a friend when I turned 35! This is one of my go-to gifts for my friends' and relatives' children, and lately, I have been combining this gift with an Appaloosa stuffed horse - a winning combination!

  •     Just got this and my 2 year old was intrigued, though it may take her awhile to get more into this book. Meanwhile, I found it incredible. The illustrations are beautiful and inspiring and the story is lovely- a young girl who is obviously unique, soulful and unlike 'everyone else' is taken away and finds herself living among horses and developing a spiritual relationship with a beautiful stallion. Even when she has the opportunity to return home, her parents accept that she is not as happy with them and free her to return to where she longs to be, among the wild horses. A great metaphor for individuals who may be different, who don't always fit, but who do have a place and should embrace the truth of who they are. Really beautiful piece.

  •     Fun children book

  •     Great story and beautiful pictures.


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