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Disney's the Lion King

Press: Disney Pr (Juv Trd); 1st edition (May 1994)


Anticipating a destiny that will someday make him the king of the Pride Lands, Simba is devastated when his noble father, Mufasa, dies and his evil uncle Scar forces him into the jungle so that he can rule instead. 
Movie tie-in.


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  •     This book is great. When the Lion King came out, I loved it, so I got this book for Christmas. I had my mom read it over and over and when she couldn't, I'd read it myself! This is a terrific book so if you loved the movie, don't miss out on this beautiful adaptation

  •     Would not work on my DVR.

  •     very nice gift

  •     As a published and award winning author, I take my hat off to this wonderful woman who has taken such a great film and adapted it so well for children.However, there is a problem with this singular novelization.Its short length does present a problem.The Lion King is an epic film, and needs to be novelized in an epic novel, not some childrens storybook.What I mean by novelized, is that the story is written down, expanded, and shown in the light that it was originally meant to be. A short childrens "novel" wont cut it unfortunately.What needs to be done, is a full-length novel needs to be written, along the lines of say the length of Carrie or something of that nature. This would allow the author to expand the universe of the Lion King, explore subplots and motives, really flesh out the characters and have some fun with creating the history of some of our most cherished characters as well as new scenes, locales, and events, making it appeal not only to children, but to the adult and senior audiences as well. Luckily, this is already in progress. I happen to be working on a manuscript for this novel, and it will be finished sometime in 2006-07. Hopefully, it will restore what the Lion King has lost ( or could not put into a childrens movie or book due to violence, and motivation) and reclaim this epic for a new literary age.


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