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Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Press: Golden Book; English Language edition (November 1, 1991)


The blossoming romance between Belle and the Beast, their near-fatal separation, and the suspenseful, magical conclusion fill the pages of this full-length storybook. 
Brilliant, full-color paintings capture the mood of each spellbinding moment and promise pleasures anew each time the book is opened.


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  •     I had to order this book after my 3 year old became obsessed with the Beauty and the Beast movie. While this like all Little Golden Books is very well illustrated, the illustrations are from the actual movie. But the story line is a very abbreviated version of the movie. I am not sure is it would make a lot of sense if the reader has not seen the movie.It is a short story and great to read before bed or during the day.It is short enough to keep my 3 years old attention.I would recommend this book for any child who loves the movie or to be introduced to the movie.

  •     The cover was upside down

  •     The cover of the book was upside down!!! Enough said!

  •     Good golden books. It's nice that they are all the same size and fit so well together on the book shelf.

  •     Simple and nice book!

  •     This item was faulty. The front cover was bound upside down. I sill can't believe that someone sold an item obviously messed up like this.

  •     Disney books are always fun. Can't go wrong with this story!

  •     Great book

  •     Bought this to read to my 3 year old before taking her to see the movie. Worked like a charm. We could talk about the beast being scary on the outside but nice on the inside,...

  •     Granddaughter was tickled!

  •     My son now knows the story of Belle. Very nice unused book. And speedy shipping. Thanks

  •     Simple Golden Book, true to the plot and easy to read to the kids. The new movie scared one of the little ones and she enjoyed showing us where in the book the scary part happened. Seemed to enjoy the book more than the movie lol.

  •     My 4 year old daughter bought this book from my kindle without my permission with just one convenient click so considering it wasn't supposed to be purchased in the first place I'm very glad my daughter chose this classic above all else. Its a good read I love these books.

  •     niece loves her books!

  •     Here's the thing about this book. It's pretty much some images from the movie, with a very shortened version of the story. I think of it like a souvenir of watching the movie, without adding anything at all. It doesn't even read well if you haven't seen the movie. Not really a book in and of itself. THREE STARS FOR THE BOOK.BUT, here's the thing. My 3 y.o. daughter LOVES it. She sleeps with it. She carries it with her wherever she goes. She sits and looks at it quietly for tens of minutes on car rides, totally engaged. So whatever magic the book has, I cannot deny. It was pretty cheap and she's gotten hours of enjoyment from it. FIVE STARS FOR MY DAUGHTER'S REACTION TO IT.So, I'll give it FOUR, despite my general lack of passion for the book.

  •     Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorite Disney stories. The movie came out when I was a kid and it's since always held a special place in my heart. I'm thrilled that my daughter has developed a love for reading and she absolutely adores the story of Belle and the enchanted castle.There is a lot packed in to this Little Golden Book!! Often these books are very abridged versions of the story to fit the length and size of the book. This one packs a thorough telling of the story into this Little Golden treasure! Because of this, I wouldn't at all classify this is a beginning reader book. This is a full story with multiple paragraphs per page. My 5 year old loves the story but is nowhere close to being able to read this one herself. I'd say a second or third grader could enjoy reading this one solo. Possibly even a little older.Golden Books are always high quality and well produced, and this one is no different. The illustrations are bright and visually appealing and follow along with scenes from the movie.I'd recommend adding this book to your collection if you have a princess fan, Disney lover, or overall lover of good stories.

  •     it is a Disney Golden Book, you love it or you don't....

  •     This is NOT a Golden Book. It is a book for fans of the new B & B movie who want more information on the making of the film and cast. It also has lots of photos. Nice book.


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