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Changes for Felicity- Hc Book (American Girl)

Press:Amer Girl Pub American Girl Publishing Inc; 1st edition (July 1, 1992)
Publication Date:1992-7
Author Name:Tripp, Valerie


As the Revolutionary War breaks out throughout the colonies,  Felicity and her friend Elizabeth pledge eternal friendship, but the  war will change all of her relationships. 
By the author of Meet Felicity.


Children's Books,Literature & Fiction,Historical Fiction,United States,Colonial,Growing Up & Facts of Life,Friendship, Social Skills & School Life,Girls & Women,Friendship

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  •     thank you

  •     If you love historic fiction you will love this book! Changes for Felicity by Valerie Tripp is the greatest book of all.

  •     a++++++++

  •     I just love this book is called "Changes For Felicity", andI just love the American Girls Collection of all of them likeJosefina, Addy, Molly, Kit, Samatha, Kirsten,...

  •     I love this book! It is so exiting, I love reading about this era and even though it is fictional it seems so real!

  •     I liked this book because it has hores, friends, adventure, and Felicity and her family. I also liked this book because Felicity is fun to read about.

  •     5Stars *****I recommend this book because it teaches you lessonsexample: Felicity gave Jigenie a blanket and some foodJust by the cover of the book I knew that it would be interesting

  •     I chose this rating because this is a really cool book. It is appropriate for girls ages eight and up. In this book, Felicity helps a poor sick man who is in jail. The man is none other than Jiggy Nye, who treated Penny the horse so badly. Felicity and her friend Elizabeth help him. Grandfather, also having helped Elizabeth's father out of jail for being a loyalist, catches a bad cold and dies. Felicity's horse, Penny, gives birth to a colt named Patriot.This is a great book about a typical 1700's family. It is also the end to the amazing Felicity collection.

  •     This is another in the American Girls Short Stories series about Felicity Merriman, a ten-year-old girl living in the America of 1775. In this book, Felicity takes care of her new baby sister and waits for the birth of her horse’s foal. However, with war beginning between the American colonies and the British Empire, and with people imprisoned for seemingly no good reason, there is much that is hard. Here Felicity learns about love and loss, and about new beginnings.The final chapter is a fascinating and highly informative look into the effects of the new war on the people of Williamsburg in 1775. I must admit that this book really surprised me. My daughter and I both like the Felicity stories, but this one was much more serious than the others, and taught some wonderful lessons.My daughter and I both really enjoyed this book, and we both highly recommend it to you.

  •     This is a great tale for children about life in Revolutionary era colonial America. It does a nice job painting the varied landscape of opinion in a tumultuous, confusing, and exciting time. There is no pure patriotism here-- loyalist sympathies, too, are represented. This backdrop is integrated with an easy story such that it becomes informative for a child without the history lesson being necessarily realized for what it is-- sometimes the best way for kids to learn!

  •     good

  •     I loved the book. Everything was awesome,but nothing can get a 5 star I want to thank you love your favorite ke$ha

  •     ... This update is over the first six books about Felicity Merriman, a spunky young redhead in colonial America, in the dawn of the Revolutionary War.

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