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Changes for Molly: A Winter Story (American Girl)

Press:Amer Girl Pub American Girl Publishing Inc (April 1991)
Publication Date:1988-9-30
Author Name:Tripp, Valerie/ Backes, Nick (ILT)


Molly's excitement at performing in a big show is exceeded only by the announcement that her father is returning home from the war.


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  •     a++++

  •     I thought that this book was great. This book is about a young girl named Molly in 1944 that is when WWII was. Molly's father is a doctor for wounded soldiers in England.

  •     This is another in the American Girls series about Molly McIntire, a ten-year-old girl living on the home front during World War 2. In this book, Molly gets the good news that the U.S. Army is reassigning her father stateside. To make matters even better, she has a real shot at winning the starring role in a dance production being put on at the local Veterans' Hospital. But, Molly wants to look her best for the role, and she wants to show her father how mature she is. So, Molly begins a war of her own against her straight and unattractive hair, but all wars have their casualties...I must say, I now think that this is my favorite Molly book! The story is uplifting with a happy ending, and the illustrations are excellent. My twelve-year-old daughter is a fan of Molly, and so am I. We both highly recommend this book, and this series to you!

  •     I have read the othre books in this series and I can't wait to read this one!

  •     Molly is nine years old. She lives during World War Two. Her dad is a doctor in the army. I think that all girls would like it.

  •     In Changes for Molly, Molly gets chosen to dance and be the star. When her and her friends decide she needs a permanent wave and it doesn't work out, Molly's sister has a brillant...

  •     We love the American Girl stories in our household. My daughter listens to the stories on audiobook on trips, and we often read the books before bedtime. It's a high quality product for young girls. Girls tackle real problems and find ways to be resilient.

  •     Changes for Molly Molly McIntire and her friends, Linda and Susan, are trying out to be Miss Victory, in their big dance program. Molly practices every day, and thinks she has a pretty good chance for the most important part. She is worried that she won't look pretty with her hair "as straight as sticks". Linda and Susan have an idea to help Molly. They put their money together to buy a home permanent. The girls hide out in Molly's garage to begin the perm. Molly finds out at the last minute, her friend Susan doesn't really know how to roll a perm. She has seen someone with a perm before, but it couldn't be that hard.Molly's family gets news that her father will be coming home from the war. This makes Molly even more determined to get the part of Miss Victory, and to show her father how grown-up she has become, while he was away.My daughter Karen saved her own money to buy her 18 inch, Molly, American Girl doll. She enjoyed endless hours reading the American Girl books, and playing with her two cousins who had Kirsten and Samantha dolls.Kirsten Mini Doll (American Girl)Molly Mini Doll (American Girl)The American Girls, Molly, Doll Dress PatternsPaper Dolls: Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly in Their Old-Fashioned Clothes (The American Girls Collection)Molly's Paper Dolls: Molly and Her Friends With Outfits to Cut Out and Scenes to Play With (The American Girls Collection)Molly's Short Story Collection (American Girls Collection)Jill Ammon Vanderwoodauthor:Through the RugThrough The Rug: Follow That Dog (Through the Rug)

  •     Other than the ending, which was took away from a large story line, this was a nice conclusion to this series on Molly, a young girl in America dealing with life on the home front while her father is away serving in Europe. The afterward was extremely informative in all the books, but even more so in this one. These are a fantastic additional resources for students to more clearly get a picture of life during this time in history, or just for a fun read.

  •     It was a brand new book, just as it was described. Thank you!

  •     Perfect for our granddaughter who loves her Molly American girl doll and has read the others in the Molly series.

  •     Molly lives in 1944 and wishes to be Miss Victory in the tap dance recital. Her older sister helps with her hair and when it comes time for auditions, Molly takes off her glasses because she wants to look the part of a star.MOLLY GETS THE ROLE!Right before the big show, Molly catches a cold. She can't be Miss Victory. However, on the day of the show, Molly gets a surprise that is better than tapping in the sparkling Miss Victory costume.This is the best Molly book.The last chapter of the book explains what it is like in 1944 with the war and the efforts on the home front.

  •     This book is about a girl named Molly. Molly is chosen to be Miss Victory, but she gets sick before the show. Even though she gets sick, she gets a surprise!


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