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Triumphant Return: The New Jerusalem (Left Behind: The Kids)

Press:Tyndale House Pub Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (September 20, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-9
Author Name:Jenkins, Jerry B./ LaHaye, Tim F./ Fabry, Chris


With over 11 million copies sold in the series, Left Behind: The Kids follows a group of teens who were “left behind” when other friends and family members were taken to heaven by God in the Rapture. 
All they have left is their friendship and their growing faith in Jesus Christ.
For them, the last several years have been tough, but they are about to receive the greatest reward.
With background plots from Left Behind #11: Armageddon and Left Behind #12: Glorious Appearing, readers won't want to miss the spectacular conclusion to this series.


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  •     There really isn't too much to say other than there's a reason the Left Behind series are a set of best-selling books. Truly great Christian literature that shed light on what is prophesied to come. I've been hooked on the series since 2000, & was saved by the message contained within. And it's not just these books anymore, I began to hunger for the Bible as well. However, God has many ways to get His foot in the door, and the Left Behind series is a great example. I'm forever grateful that God found a way in.Jenkins and LaHaye are truly doing God's work through these novels, and I know not by how popular the series has become and how many people have come to know and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, but how many stone-throwers & bashers you see writing negative reviews about these books. There is even one individual--who has written a review here on this book--who has proven that he is still oblivious and ignorant of what is printed in these books, even though he "claims" to have read them. This dude has gone so far as to call Christians "evil."If you need proof of his ignorance, look no further than this statement: "Meanwhile, the Christians will be saved no matter how evil they behave, because they've got Jesus on their side." That is so NOT true. Being saved is more than saying "God, save me. I believe in Jesus, so I'm good to go." Being saved isn't a free ticket to do whatever you want to do. According to his statement, Satan--despite his evil--will go to heaven because he knows and believes of God and Jesus' existence. God knows your heart and knows if you mean it or not, and being saved isn't some excuse to do evil. You're either evil or good, which is represented by "the fruits you produce." An apple tree isn't going to produce grapes. If this dude had bothered reading the series at all, he would have noted that a preacher was left behind in book one.So what is being saved, really? It's accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and committing yourself to do His will, DESPITE our human failings. It's putting aside your own will to do God's. That's not saying we aren't all human and won't make mistakes, b/c it will happen more times than we want. But true Christians are committed to do better, & don't believe themselves to be better than unsaved people--just forgiven--which is the whole point. You can't be a Christian and still continue doing evil and wickedness, you can't be both good and bad, you can't be both hot and cold. So if all this is true, what's up with the stone-throwers and bashers of Christians? Well, what do you expect? Jesus Himself was hunted, beaten, and executed, and said that if even He is treated this way, how can we expect any different? When I originally read his review, I was angry, but now, I read it and smile because I realize--that it wasn't just me that FELT the powerful message of God--that the Left Behind series has just that powerful a message to not only save people but to get such a vehemently negative response from a non-Christian.That dude is so afraid to believe that everything in the Bible is true that he would explain it all away with his own lies and ignorance. Just guessing, he's so into his lifestyle that he doesn't want anything to change the status quo. If this guy is so against Christians, why would he even consider reading the Left Behind series in the first place? Maybe searching for loop holes but couldn't find any perhaps? I would say "If you hate it so much, why subject yourself to it?" But, instead, I'll just say, "Do what you want to. Seems that's what you're gonna do anyway." So when you read his review, do this:1. Smile2. Accept it as a 5-star rating from someone that doesn't want to believe & doesn't really know what he's talking about3. Read the books and make up your own mindOh, and by the way, I love the books, they truly changed my life, and unlike another certain reviewer, I actually did my homework. I looked up every prophecy in the Bible--not just Revelations as Mark did (I read the Bible cover to cover)--and have come to only one conclusion: with the exception of the prophecies yet to come, all the prophecies thus far have come to pass exactly as they were fortold thousands of years before. Just FYI.

  •     This is a really great book, with the Glorious Appearing being the coolest. I've read it about four times in bookstores, and it never ceases to thrill me.

  •     The "Young Tribulation Force" keeps doing nothing. Carpathia keeps being thoroughly incompetent as a villain. Jesus shows up and acts like a kid who has turned on all the cheats in the menu of a videogame.Full review at http://mousehole-mouse.blogspot.com/

  •     I have always enjoyed the adult series of Left Behind books. The kids books are just as good. The kids interact with the characters from the adult series, experience the same...

  •     GREAT BOOK!

  •     ok now that is just wrong. I personally have never read the book, but it is true- for as it says in the Bible, God is a jealous God, as well as a just one. After all, plenty of these people have had the chance to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior,but have they? Noo...and another thing, you said, "that every other religion aside from Christianity is false and will send you to hell if you follow them". The reason that the book says it is because it is the truth! All other religions are man-made, and there is NO OTHER WAY TO HEAVEN OTHER THAN THROUGH JESUS! It says in the Bible, "Jesus said, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'" (coming to the Father means going to Heaven, and not going to Hell) John 14:6Jesus is not a power-hungry dictator, he just wants people to follow him. To be his Child. To belive that He made the sacrifice that he did. John 3:16 says: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." And these people did not believe in Him, so they perished! And thats what will happen to anyone who does not believe in Jesus. To the people that are not Christians- you can accept Him now, or you can wait until you die. Then you will have an eternity to realize that you were wrong and burn in Hell. If you want to become a Christian, all you have to do is sincerely pray this prayer, "Dear God, I know that I'm a sinner. Thank you for sending your Son to die just for me. I truly believe that he did. Please forgive me of my sins, and take me into your loving arms. In your name, Amen". It's that simple. Please, don't wait until it's too late. Accept Christ into your life now.


  •     Great book, in excellent condition, arrived quickly in great shape. Item is just as described. Very happy with product would buy again

  •     My daughter loved this series. It gave her a very real sense of how important it is to be right with God and to share the gospel with those around you.

  •     This book is definitely my fav!! The return of Jesus was so moving, it made me wish that I was right there beside Judd, Vicki, Lionel and all the rest. This book is the most read in my bookshelf!

  •     They have great service and quick delivery. Books in very good shape - no pages marked. As in the other remarks, I was able to finish the series.

  •     Great read!


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