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Fresh from the Country (Miss Read Series)

Press: Amereon Ltd (December 1, 1997)
Publication Date:1955-12
Author Name:Miss Read; Goodall, J. S.;


Miss Read, in this humorous and charming story draws us magically into the world of the primary school. 
Anna Lacey, a young country girl, is given her first job in Greater London, and as she learns to cope with the challenges of her new life, we share with her the delights and pleasures of teaching "those dear, develish, delicious, disarming, infuriating and exhausting creatures" who are her young pupils.


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  •     FRESH FROM THE COUNTRY is the story of Anna Lacey a charming young woman who is filled with anticipation as she is assigned to her very first teaching position. The story is set in England and takes place in the late 1940's or early 1950's.Nothing is quite what Anna expected. The cozy school of her dreams turns out to be large and located in an ugly urban area. Her class is filled with 46 students, so many that a teacher has barely the time to get to know the individual children. Keeping order among the students is another difficult issue for the young teacher. Anna's other big problem is housing. Rooms to let are not abundant and she's forced to move in with Mr. & Mrs. Flynn. Her bedroom is tiny and the overall accommodations leave a lot to be desired. Mrs. Flynn is ill spirited and the meals given to Anna are miserly and tasteless. Anna does befriend two other young teachers who often invite her to tea and add a little color to her otherwise regulated life. Just getting out of Mrs. Flynn's dreary house for a few hours makes her feel better.As the year progresses Anna learns that there is a lot more to being a teacher than she had guessed. She also realizes that she really loves teaching, but knows that she will be happiest living in the country and working in a small school. The year ends with Anna anticipating the next year, a possible romance and life in general.There are quite a few books written by Miss Read. She has the most wonderful knack of taking what might seem a rather bland scenario and turning it into a most interesting and satisfying story. Miss Read's real name is Mrs. Dora Saint. I recommend this book for anyone, but I think it would be especially interesting for a young person who is considering a teaching career.

  •     Culture shock was not something I'd expected to read about in this gentle story, written probably around the era of 1940s. A young girl moves from her country home to begin the life of a school teacher in a new suburb. However, her sense of fun and country standards bring her through to a new understanding at the end of her first term. Absolutely and quite simply lovely. I wish her story could go on and on.

  •     It was in good shape for a paperback its age. That was just as you had described it. thank you

  •     The book is a favorite for my wife, so I consider it a good buy! I got this one used, and everything was in good order when I received it.

  •     This is not the best Miss Read book. It is kind of a downer - London is dreary and she longs for her country home. Sad, really.


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