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The Hans Wilhelm Treasury of Jokes

Press:Hans Wilhelm Treasury of Jokes

Press:Sterling Sterling (August 4, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-8-4
Author Name:Joseph Rosenbloom


Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide. 
What do you call Tyrannosaurus rex when it wears a cowboy hat and boots? Tyrannosaurus Tex.
And why will kids love this collection? Because it’s laugh-out-loud funny, filled with just the kind of jokes they love, and illustrated with colorful, action-packed pictures by best-selling artist Hans Wilhelm.
Monkeys swing on trees, chased by bananas; dinosaurs roller-skate; and ghosts and goblins have a merry time.
Every page is a blast!  


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  •     Maybe my expectations were too high for this little book but it really is just OK and I say that because many of the jokes are not funny even to a 6 year old. I wish I still had the book in hand so I could quote verbatum but as an example there are many jokes that go something like this(not a direct quotation, but my rendention from memory): How do you keep an elephant in the fridge? Close the door. Really?? Some are quite cute and the illustrations are wonderful. My niece was drawn to this book amongst all of the other opened presents sprawled on the floor... but it is tough when your audience doesnt laugh at half of the jokes.

  •     Cute book, but a bit thick for little people to hold.

  •     My boys LOVE these jokes & it's nice to hear a 7 & 9 year old laughing over something other than body function noises or boogers! :) And I even get a kick out of some of them too!

  •     I just came to buy this book for a friend's children for Christmas because my kids love it so much. I'm quite surprised to see that it has not yet been reviewed. This book is absolutely adorable! It is a favorite here, a huge hit with my kids (7, 6, and 4). In fact, it is the book that got my second child addicted to reading last year. She would have no part of any book that screamed "new reader" but she would sit and power through to read this joke book. She could not put this book down and neither can her brothers. I love the illustrations and the jokes are cute enough that I don't mind hearing them all day, every day (as you will for a good while after purchasing this book, fair warning). This book is good, clean fun and actually quite punny. Oh, and you can view a good preview of the book at both the publisher's web site and Google Books.My personal favorite:Why did the chicken cross the playground?To get to the other SLIDE!!!

  •     My now 5yo loves this book and we have other joke books. He belly laughs and makes up his own jokes as we go along. The illustrations are cute and clever.


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