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Full House: An Invitation to Fractions

Press: Candlewick; 16841st edition (August 11, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-8
Author Name:Dodds, Dayle Ann/ Carter, Abby (ILT)


"Fresh, whimsical illustrations fairly fl oat off the pages. 
Rhyming text invites readers.
A fun choice for reinforcing the concept of fractions." — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNALMiss Bloom runs the Strawberry Inn, and she loves visitors.
All through the day she welcomes a cast of hilarious characters until all the rooms are taken.
It’s a full house! But in the middle of the night, Miss Bloom senses that something is amiss — and sure enough, the guests are all downstairs eating dessert.
Readers will be inspired to do the math and discover that one delicious cake divided by five hungry guests and one doting hostess equals a perfect midnight snack at the Strawberry Inn.
Piece of cake!


Children's Books,Humor

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  •     I can see that small children will benefit from reading this book. I read it to my 4-year old grandson once, but he was interested only in the story and not in the fractions part. It is meant for 6-8 year old children and I think this is appropriate. I still feel that starting earlier might be a good idea. Children could absorb the concepts naturally as they learn languages. Exposure is important. (I am a math teacher!)

  •     This is a really cute poetic book about a lady who owns a bed and breakfast. Each time a guest checks in, the story explains what fraction of the inn is filled.

  •     This book is adorable and quite clever! A great shared reading for school or family. A little math thinking before bed can make a big difference!

  •     Super cute book. High interest, great pics, vocabulary development and not too long. Third grade lexile range. My students love when we use this for math.

  •     Great book!

  •     Great for an introduction to fractions. It was very easy for my 3rd graders to follow with a predictable pattern. Would work for younger grades!

  •     This is a fun introduction to fractions, though the title puts it more cutely. The repetition in this book makes it perfect for reading over and over again to young kids who love to join in. My son has memorized the beginning of each new customer: "Knock knock went the door, Ding dong the bell rang, Welcome, Welcome, Miss Bloom sang." When he wants to read it, he asks for "Welcome, welcome."I highly recommend this book for very young children; I'm sure it is equally fun for older children who are actually of the age to learn fractions.

  •     this is for my oldest who is learning about fractions. I love how this flows fractions into the story! Plus, each page is illustrated wonderfully!

  •     This book was a perfect introduction to fractions for my third grader.

  •     I purchased this book for my first grade classroom. We teach basic fractions and this will be a fun book for reviewing fractions.

  •     Such a fun rhyming book about fractions! Super fun ending!

  •     My 2-1/2-year-old really enjoys this book, so I'm a bit pained to give it a 3. The rhyming text is cute (albeit a bit awkward). My problem is that the "invitation to fractions" is almost an afterthought. A book we really love, which I think provides a better and more seamless intro to fractions, is Mary Clare Loves to Share.

  •     This is just a really good story. It is a simple introduction to fractions built around a great rhyming story. There are several things I really like about this story. The first is that it explains simple fractions very well. The second is that it uses a mix of simple and more complex words (scrumptious, partake, astonishing). There are characters that would appeal to a variety of children (race car driver, dog trainer, fisherman).The story moves at a good pace, so kids don't get too wiggly before the story is complete. My kids ask for this story quite often. Just a very good job overall.

  •     As described -- fast shipping -- thank you!!

  •     this is a cute story with really good illustration. it's a lower skill level than I needed, which was kind of hard to judge without looking through it in person first. this would be great for beginners and little kids to begin to understand the concept of fractions. we did all this concept stuff when my now six year old was two and three and we cut food up into fractions and made groups of m&m's. I thought this would be maybe more math and less story but it is more story and less math. it's still a super cute book though.

  •     I was excited to get this book, being a mother and former math teacher and the great reviews. It will be going to goodwill, though. Like another reviewer said, the fractions are simply an afterthought and the story is simply people to come and stay at the hotel. The pictures are cute and you could make your own extensions of the book to help kids see the connections between the story and the fractions but it being able to stand alone wouldn't have been that difficult.

  •     “Full House: An Invitation to Fractions” is a delightful read full of colorful characters. (I used exaggerated voices for each character when I read this book aloud to my students. They loved it!) The fraction concepts in this book can be presented as fractions of a set and fractions of a whole. This book contains rhyme and repetition, which makes any read-aloud flow nicely. My students also joined in the read-aloud to help with the repetition. I used this book with both 1st and 3rd grade. Both classes enjoyed reading this book.

  •     Great for Math and Fractions


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