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A House Called Awful End (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Eddie Dickens Trilogy)

Press: Turtleback Books (September 1, 2003)
Author Name:Ardagh, Philip


The first book in the Eddie Dickens Trilogy.


Children's Books,Humor,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

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  •     I read this book outloud to my children (boy 8 and girl 10). They loved it. It is just a little on the crazed side. I found that I enjoyed it almost as much as they did. The humour is quirky to say the least. I highly recomend it if you are looking for something to share.

  •     Very humorous, I love the series.

  •     I like Lemony Snicket. But, at some point the whole world weary sour thing can become so predictable and formulaic that it is just tedious.

  •     two thumbs up! a page turner one. children will never get bored reading this book! i really loved this, second most favorite novel after the series of unfortunate events.

  •     Some of my favorite books have been those ostensibly written for children. This charming little story reminds me of some of the best. The prose style is reminiscent of A.A.

  •     A House Called Awful End is a hilariously funny book. But it's too short. It might just be me because I think I'm a bit old for the series, but it's still really good and a definite filler for Lemony Snicket Fans like me who are eagerly awaiting his next book.

  •     A House Called Awful End is a great book, following the style of the great Lemony Snicket and Pseudonymous Bosch.

  •     Love this trilogy for kids.

  •     I'm a 5th grade teacher, and I discovered this book a few years ago. It is hands down one of my absolute favorites. I love the sneaky wit Mr.

  •     i read these books when i was younger and wanted to read them again. my order shipped and arrived very quickly and were in great shape.

  •     My dyslexic son bought this book and the sequel while we were inOxford, England and we absolutely loved them. We could readily picture all of the characters and the things they were involved in. My son was 11 at the time and loved having it read to him every night. We have just purchased our first Lemony Snicket book as we grew tired of waiting for the final book in this trilogy. Perhaps we found it so entertaining as I am an upper elementary teacher and his father a middle school teacher and we know these characters on a personal level. It is well worth exploring. I have also read it to my students and they beg for more.

  •     A hardback version of a trilogy that my daughter wanted for her preferred collection. Very good condition. she loves it.

  •     Before I go on with this story, I suppose I should explain that I love funny stories with lots of laughs (like this one) that capture the reader's attention with comedy.Awful End is about the unfortunate Eddie Dickens, a little boy with sick parents who goes to live at a place known as Awful End. Eddie is brought to Awful End by his "Mad" Uncle Jack, "Mad" Aunt Maude and a stuffed stoat named Malcolm (or Sally). When little Eddie finds himself in a place called the Coaching Inn, some incredible things happen there. And when the Coaching Inn's actor-manager, Mr. Pumblesnook, "attacks" them on the road, there are even more laughs! But when there's a fire in Mr. and Mrs. Dickens house, and their Gentlemen's Gentlemen doesn't know what to do except to fry eggs, Mr. and Mrs. Dickens make their own escape. They start looking for Eddie, who in the meantime is in Saint Horrid's home for Ungrateful Orphans.There weren't any parts that I didn't like in this hilarious book, but my favorite scene is when the author is describing the fire (which is actually quite funny) and how there is a mix-up between the Gentleman's Gentleman and Mrs. Dickens (the frying eggs one). I liked this book a lot and I hope you will too.

  •     Firstly,lets cut through all the treacle....if this book suffers from one thing,it's the comparrisons,that not only the book jacket gives,but most ill-read reviewers. Comparrisons to Monty Python (because it's British,and eccentric in spots ),Lemony Snickett ( because it's bad things happening to a child antagonist ),and Charles Dickens ( because of the name ). Well folks,Roald Dahl was doing stories about bad things happening to children long before Lemony Snickett or Monty Python,and Charles Dickens was doing stories about bad things happening to Victorian children before him. So Who Sues Who?( A question which here means: "Stop crying wolf.")HISTORY LESSON OVER....REVIEW BEGINS HERE:This is a fun little book. It's silly. It's definitely written more for children than the adventures of the Baudelaire Children. It's also quite British in it's humours,but that by no means,means Americans and other foreigners won't enjoy it and laugh along. Young Eddie Dickens is sent to live with his Loony Aunt & Uncle and a stuffed stoat,at Awful End. And this book is the tale of what happens when they encounter Insane Actors,Highwaymen,The Empress of China,A Nosey Peeler(or "copper" to you. ),A Suspect Orphanage,and an Amusing Cow Shaped Parade Float. This is a good read for children,and fun for those adults who aren't too grown up. I also enjoyed the artwork,which has that "Willy Wonka"/"Edward Gorey" appeal to it.

  •     Eddie Dickens is horrified when his beloved Mother and Father catch a disease that not only makes them turn yellow, but also makes them go a bit crinkly around the edges, and smell of old hot-water bottles. Eddie is even more horrified when he finds out that he must go away and stay with relatives - whom he's never met - at their home called Awful End. Soon Eddie finds that these strange relatives of his are indeed just that. Strange. For Mad Uncle Jack and Even Madder Aunt Maud, are absolutely crazy. However, along the way to Awful End, Eddie is plagued wih meeting even more crazy people and strange situations, for he is threatened by a bearded stranger, hypnotized by a handkerchief, and, worst of all, he's mistaken for an escaped orphan from St. Horrid's Home for Grateful Orphans. What more will Eddie have to endure before his parents are cured, and he's able to escape Mad Uncle Jack and Even Madder Aunt Maud?When I saw the cover of A HOUSE CALLED AWFUL END, I was instantly reminded of one of my favorite series' A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, and after reading the back cover, I realized that this book sounded a bit like those treasures by Lemony Snicket. However, while A HOUSE CALLED AWFUL END is entirely enjoyable, it's not much like A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. Eddie, however, is a fun character who will capture the hearts of young readers the world over. Philip Ardagh, like Lemony Snicket, makes the reader sympathize with Eddie throughout all of the tragedies - no matter how funny they seem - that he must endure, helping the reader to identify with him. Overall this was a cute book, complete with nicely drawn illustrations appearing on every few pages.Erika Sorocco

  •     I absolutely loved this book. I picked it up from the bookstore because it reminded me of the Unfortunate Series. It is so funny that I couldn't put it down. One of the best parts in it (I almost peed my pants!) the author writes that Eddie took a seat in the carriage and Eddie's Mad Aunt Maud says, "Put that back!" *LOL* I was rolling. I agree with the other critique on here also, but I think that maybe this one is better than the Lemony Snicket books.

  •     A+


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