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More Parts

Press:Dial Books for Young Readers Dial Books; Later Printing (7th) edition (September 1, 2001)
Publication Date:2001-09
Author Name:Tedd Arnold


People say the strangest things: Give me a hand . 
Hold your tongue .
Scream your lungs out .
What if a kid wants to keep all of his body parts in place? Well then, he'll need to take some creative-and side-splittingly funny-action.In this knee-slapper of a follow-up to the award-winning Parts, Tedd Arnold brings to visual life some of our very silliest figures of speech.
But be careful, readers: This clever book just might make you laugh your heads off!

From School Library Journal

Gr 1-4-Through zany, brightly colored illustrations and rhyming verse, Arnold explores common figures of speech that amaze and frighten a young boy. 
"I'll bet that broke your heart," "give him a hand," "Hold your tongue," and "jumps out of his skin" are only a few of the sayings that worry the protagonist, whose imaginings are energetically depicted in colored-pencil and watercolor washes.
Goofy, cartoonlike artwork explores the deepest recesses of the child's overwrought and overworked imagination.
Kids will love faces cracking, lungs being coughed up, and bodies flying apart.
Vivid color and a robust artistic style will attract younger children who may not get the joke, but older children and parents will.
Singsong verses in hand-lettered text strain to rhyme in some instances, with a forced, uneven gait.
Although the boy's parents reassure him, the story ends where it begins.
The father, who "didn't mean to be unkind," tells the child that they were afraid that he'd lost his mind.
The final drawing has the boy's brain falling out of his head and onto the floor.
This story is like a wild and crazy, totally manic Amelia Bedelia.
Children will ask for it again and again.Alice Casey Smith, Sayreville Public Schools, Parlin, NJCopyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.


Zany, brightly colored illustrations and rhyming verse... 
Children will ask for it again and again.
(School Library Journal)Young readers...will warm to this neurotic young rhymester.
(Kirkus Reviews)


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  •     This book is hilarious-and oh- my 5 year old son loves it too!!The pictures of a little kid imagining what adults in his life could possibly mean as they tell him to "hold his tongue", or could he please " give his father a hand", are wondeful-I don't know who laughs more, my son or myself!!Enjoy this book!!

  •     Tedd Arnold is awesome. My 5Yo LOVES his books!

  •     I heard this book read at our school library. The children enjoyed the fun literal interpretation of common idioms.

  •     We love Tedd Arnold books!

  •     Great part of a great series of books! My students love them and remember them many years later!

  •     Hilarious book!

  •     Our kids (7, 3 and 2) LOVE this book! They laugh every time we read it together - which is often. So often, in fact, that our 3 year old has most of it memorized. The story is about a little boy who becomes very concerned about some of the strange things he hears the adults around him saying, like "Hold your tongue!" and "Please give me a hand!". The illustrations of these idioms are hilarious! Bravo to Tedd Arnold for a very entertaining book for kids and adults!Warning: This book is ONLY for parents who don't mind reading the same book over and over again! My 3 year old is sitting next to me as I finish this review, repeating parts of 'More Parts' and asking me if we can read it AGAIN! :-) We highly recommend 'Parts' also. The two together would make a great gift! We're not so crazy about 'Even More Parts' though.

  •     We love this book. It is so darn funny.

  •     My girls loved this book (ages 2 and 6). Very cute and funny. One of their favorites!

  •     One of my favorite books

  •     These are great books and my grandchildren and I read them to each other on Skype because we live so far apart.

  •     Our young narrator tells us: "Things are bad-and getting worse!/Each day it's something new./With all the stuff I hear about/I don't know what to do." Why just yesterday his toy truck wrecked and his mother consoled him by saying, "I bet that broke your heart." He didn't even know hearts could break apart. Maybe wearing a big pillow will keep it safe. And then his dad asked him to please "give him a hand." He didn't know hands came off, so he decided he'd better wear gloves and use lots of glue to keep them on his arms..... Ted Arnold has really outdone himself with this clever picture book that explores figures of speech. His witty, rhyming text is full of energy and humor and complemented by marvelously bold and expressive artwork depicting each worrisome idiom. Youngsters will laugh out loud as they watch the narrator try to "keep his head together", "hold his tongue", "scream his lungs out", and "jump out of his skin." In the end, his parents reassure him by explaining that these figures of speech are just descriptive expressions. But the story ends just where it began when dad adds that he's glad they cleared up this misunderstanding, "We thought you'd lost your mind." Perfect for youngsters 6-10, More Parts is a delightful, very visual, manic romp that shouldn't be missed.

  •     If you have a child in the 4-6 year old range you must read this book! My son read it in pre-K last year and borrowed it so often from his teacher that we just bought one. It shows how literally children can take everything we say. And if you like the one be sure to read "More Parts"!

  •     it never occurred to me the things that young children might think of some of our sayings. especially those that refer to body parts.would you really like to "lose your head"? this book is hilarious. i enjoyed it as much as my grandkids( ages 10,6, 4&3).

  •     The book was as advertised and shipped quickly. Great service. This is the second in the trilogy and comes in second for teaching value.

  •     I have a read a few other books from this author, and I loved them when I was younger, so I knew I had to get some for my own children.My kids and I absolutely LOVE these books! Ted Arnold's illustrations are both entertaining and fantastic. I love the little squiggles and the puns he adds to the book. The story is also great for helping explain rhyming to my children. They find the stories hilarious, and we have already read these many times since owning them. I know it is one we will keep coming back to. I definitely think that the first book is the best out of the trio, but this second is pretty cute as well. I did end up returning the third as it did not really follow the same pattern as the first two and used words like 'stupid' that we do not use in out house.Overall, It is a cute explanation to the questions kids may have about themselves as they are growing that you don't often think to explain, and the drawings just add even more to the humor. I would definitely recommend this book to others, you will not be disappointed.

  •     This book tells the story of a small boy who is quite confused over the things people say- -everyone around him always seems to be saying the scariest things, and it's making him upset. One day, he accidentally breaks his red truck, and his mother tells him that it must have broken his heart. He takes his mother's words literally, and then sets to worrying about all the other upsetting things that people say, like hold your tongue, and cry your lungs out. Finally, his mother explains the meanings of these phrases so that the boy can find something else to worry about. The story is quite cute and may provoke a lot of thought in young minds about words and language. The book might also be a good one to read to youngster who is bereaved over breaking something. It has about 450 words.

  •     My grandson loves these books by Tedd Arnold! He reads them to me and we both die laughing. So much fun! Thank you!


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