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Dimity Dumpty: The Story of Humpty's Little Sister

Press:Candlewick Pr Candlewick (January 9, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-1
Author Name:Graham, Bob


The world needs more quiet heroes! With whimsy and warmth, Bob Graham tells the lesser-known tale of a shy little soul who saves the day.What happened to Humpty Dumpty is the stuff of legend. 
But how many know of his brave little sister? While the Tumbling Dumpties, the family traveling circus troupe, is doing acts of spectacular daring, Dimity stays far from the spotlight, playing tunes on her tiny flute.
But when Humpty falls off the wall where he's writing graffiti, it's Dimity who finds her voice and brings help that even the king's soldiers can't provide.
With a wealth of humorous visual details — the egg-carton caravan drawn by a chicken, the bandaging of Humpty's "leakage" after his fall — Bob Graham pays tribute to a famous nursery rhyme figure and brings smiles to his readers once again.

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Perhaps you didn't know that Humpty Dumpty had a sister. 
Young Dimity (and all the Dumpties) are part of a circus, traveling the highways and byways in an egg carton hitched to a horse.
Humpty is a "rascal," but Dimity is timid, preferring to play the flute rather than be part of the Tumbling Dumpties.
Children will wait to see how Humpty has his great fall--unexpectedly, he is tagging, spray painting his name on a wall.
Despite a grim prognosis, he is saved by Dimity, who comes out of her shell (figuratively) to get the help he needs.
The story rambles, but Graham, whose books often turn on understated wit, tweaks out every bit of humor in both the story and the enticingly detailed ink-and-watercolor art.
Much of the fun comes from the diminutive egg family interacting with the rest of the world (the "king's soldiers" are British troops), and a lot of the pleasure derives from watching a quiet little sister use her strength and smarts.
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About the Author

Bob Graham is the author-illustrator of many acclaimed books for children, including "LET'S GET A PUP!" SAID KATE, winner of a BOSTON GLOBE-HORN BOOK Award, and OSCAR'S HALF BIRTHDAY, an American Library Association Notable Children's Book. 
He lives in Australia.


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  •     The story of Humpty Dumpty is known far and wide. Most people, however, have never heard of his little sister, Dimity. She's a shy little Dumpty who prefers to play her flute than take the spotlight with her circus family. When Humpty falls, Dimity will need to overcome her timid nature in order to get help.Bob Graham's new twist to an old tale is about a shy little girl who must come out of her shell--so to speak--when her brother gets hurt. Through Dimity's actions, Graham suggests that even the most timid of children can be heard when they must, and there's no shame in being a quiet sort if they so choose. Aside from that message, Graham also demonstrates how fun it can be to use your imagination to go beyond familiar old stories.This is a decent choice for children in the early grades, as well as those of preschool age.Reviewed by Christina Wantz Fixemer03/05/2007


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